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The Australian Shareholders' Association's wInvest group is a women's-only group dedicated to financially empowering women of all ages across Australia. Ultimately, its goal is to assist women in building confidence to participate in financial decision-making, whether simple or complex. There's always something to learn and we're here to provide those educational resources. This is a free group by the Australian Shareholders Association: https://australianshareholders.com.au/winve... (https://australianshareholders.com.au/winvest) Get on the mailing list to be notified of when the next free workshop will be held.

Delivered as a financial literacy project, Winvest offers educational resources and courses designed to empower and educate women with an understanding of basic financial concepts and to encourage women to own their financial future.


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In the next event, Financial Planner Of The Year Felicity Cooper will be speaking in a live Q&A workshop session. Stay tuned.

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Investor Conference 2021: Become a Better Investor

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Entrepreneur's Gender Equality Breakfast with Dr Michael Kimmel

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Women's Economic Empowerment event

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