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Welcome into the WITCH CIRCLE Meetup group for Sydney. We are based in the inner city area of Newtown, the traditional land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation.

2019 is underway, and we have had not just a name change (from Circle of Shadows), but we've created a new meetup series of events. The WITCH CIRCLE Meetup group will have many practical workshops on offer, with the aim of developing our inner city Witchcraft community. We hope you'll join us.

Each month we will have on offer free workshops covering a broad range of topics in the fields of magickal and personal development. There's something for the psychic life of every Witch.

And we will be meeting more frequently! Over the next six months, we will hold a couple of meetings a month. What we have planned is an inspiring and exciting series of workshops (see the list below). And if you feel you’d like to contribute to our community and it’s development, please get in touch for a chat.

All workshops will be held at The Alchemy Space in Newtown. Studio 1, 199 King Street, Newtown; enter from Egan street.

2019 program:

On Sunday, 10 February
Creating Spells: need to create change in your life? Witches have long known the secret to craft spells using the methods of Sympathetic Magick. Come and discover how cast spells will set the ball rolling for positive change.

On Sunday, 24 February
Nightshade journeys: Out of body experiences have long been “le savoir-faire” of witches. Learn the art of a Witch's night flight.

On Sunday, 10 March
Diagnose like a Witch: Learn how witches use alchemy to diagnose problems and create real change.

On Sunday, 24 March
Your Psychic Anatomy: Using the four elements to balance your psychic anatomy and create wellbeing using the Alchemical power of the four elements. Combining the use of ritual and yogic asana (posture) and pranayama (breath) to clear imbalances.

On Sunday, 14 April
Healing spirits: have you ever felt dispirited? Finding your mojo may merely be a matter of reconnecting with your animal power. A Witches' Familiar spirit is her guide and protector. Discover how the spirit animal power provides healing and guidance.

On Sunday, 28 April
Luna malady: Do you feel odd or strange at the Full Moon? You aren’t alone. Most witches report the unsettling effects that the Full Moon’s energy has on them, but there ways to clear and balance your Luna malady.

On Sunday, 12 May
Moon cycles: how the Moon can be used to influence your spells and make your life more intentional. Each month the Moon cycles through the zodiac, find out how tapping into this energy can make a big difference to your spellcraft.

On Sunday, 26 May
Terra-Aqua-Aeris-Ignis-Spiritus: the four elements and the one to bind them. The four elements are fundamental to Witchcraft, discover the many ways witches use Terra/Earth, Aqua/Water, Aeris/Air, Ignis/Fire, plus Spiritus/Ether.

On Sunday, 9 June
The Dreaming Witch and dream incubation. Find out how to use your dreams to solve your problems. Witches have long known the power of dream incubation and methods discover destiny.

On Sunday, 23 June
How to use Tarot in casting spells. Not just a divinatory tool, the Tarot can be your guide to spellcraft, ritual and powerful magick.

On Sunday, 14 July
The Witches' way of creating sacred space. The witch’s sacred space is known as the Magick Circle and Temenos. Learn how witches use this container of power and create your own Magick Circle.

On Sunday, 28 July
Raising the Witches’ Cone of Power. Learn how through dance, chant and ritual witches raise primal energy in the Magick Circle.

On Sunday, 11 August
Remembering past-lives: Have you been a Witch before? If you find the practices of magick and power of the Moon all too familiar chances are you are experiencing a past-life memory. Learn how witches draw upon the memory of past-lives to tap into ancient knowledge and more profound ways of knowing.

WITCH CIRCLE is proudly supported by WitchesWorkshop, transforming theory into practice; the Alchemy Space, your inner workspace; and OTHER magazine, there are other ways of seeing the world.

If you have any questions, please message: Tim Ozpagan, Mara Carter or Christopher Michaels.

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