What we're about

Join us for a few hours full of fun, learning, and hanging out with those of like mind as we explore different ways of being a modern-day witch. 
Bring your journal to take notes, and feel free to bring a snack to share! We will supply the tea or you can bring your own beverage into the shop.
We will also post dates and times for other activities, such as Drum Circles, Tarot meetups, and other events that may be of interest.
We do accept donations to help with the cost of the Meetup Group. Depending on the theme, we may charge a moderate fee for supplies. 

Use of workshop space agreement at Sticks and Stones:
1. Feel free to arrange and decorate the space before your event, and make sure before you go to leave it as you found it.
2. Hot water and tea are provided by the store and you are welcome to help yourselves. We accept donations in the form of money, tea, paper products (tissues, paper towels, toilet paper) dish soap, etc, to help pay for this free service.
3. You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks to your event (no alcohol.) It is suggested that you bring any utensils and plates if needed, however we might have some available from previous donations if you forget.
4. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, in all areas of the store. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian present to take any of the workshops/classes.
5. Sticks and Stones respects each and everyone’s spiritual path; we do not discriminate based on race, religion, sexuality, political views, etc. Please be kind and respectful with your discussions, as we have many people from all faiths entering our store during business hours.

Upcoming events (4+)

Reiki Share

Sticks And Stones (Upstairs)


Welcome, Reiki Practitioners! This is a group organized as a reiki share, where those who practice can come together and share their practice with one another. Those who serve can not pour from an empty cup, so join together and restore and refresh your spiritual self among those performing The Work!
This is not an instructional event. If you want to learn Reiki, keep an eye out for Granny Moon's classes in the future.

Men's Circle - Green Lion Ate the Sun

Sticks & Stones Circle

Magick practitioners are often drawn to join together for the sake of community and solidarity within a world that would otherwise alienate us. We are aiming to provide a celebration and focus for our brothers in our community that are seeking to deepen their practices and share in the wisdom and safety of a trusted band of men who participate in the occult and arcane arts.

We celebrate the dichotomy of the human experience. It is a wonderful bounty when those of similar lived experiences can find authenticity, community, and trust in one another. This is a men's only event where we welcome all creeds, practices and spiritual skill levels to enrich each other, ask questions, and engage in a judgement-free and private zone of curiosity and discovery. Together we can delineate our goals, craft our paths, and work with our energy and Will to lead intentional and gratifying lives.

organized by Merlin
entrance fee: donations welcomed

Merlin has been studying metaphysics since he was young. While growing up in a Pentacostal household, he chased alternate spirituality in the dark; reading books, searching the internet, and absorbing knowledge in whatever way he could. Now, Merlin is looking to build community and be for others what he wished he had in those times. His specialty knowledge lies primarily in tarot, crystals, ritual crafting, and Hermetics. Merlin also holds a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and Philosophy with honors in studies of Western Culture.

Welcome to GrannyMoon's Herbal Witches Cauldron!

Sticks And Stones (Upstairs)



Wise women and men have existed for thousands of years and still exist throughout the world.

Herbs are gifts from nature, revealing their divine properties of healing and magick. Magickal herbs are used for a specific intent or purpose, used in rituals, spells, baths, and more!

In each workshop, we will explore a new herb or two and work on a hands-on project. Each project is designed to be made by you so you can see the herb work first-hand. It will be informative and fun for you too!

Instructor: GrannyMoon

$25.00 per workshop - Includes herbs and items needed for projects!
Please be sure to RSVP each week so I can order enough supplies for everyone! Thanks!

• What to bring
Journal, pen

I do offer online classes 24/7

Please take care and feel free to email me: [masked]

Self-Love Workshop

Sticks And Stones (Upstairs)


We can often go through our day to day life showing love and attention to others without taking the time to show it to ourselves.

So come to this workshop for a night of love led by Cole, feeling into the love for both yourself and the community of heart-led individuals that will be going on this journey with you.

We will be drinking a warming heart opening elixir, listening to heart chakra music, and pulling oracle cards to start the night off right.

Then we will dive deep into a meditation where you will be able to show love to all parts of yourself and truly tune into the frequency of love.

Then we will be doing a writing activity that will allow you to come back into your self devotion for years to come.

You will also be getting a gift bag from me with plenty of thoughtful surprise gifts to show you my love.

Each item will be a tool in your toolbox of self-adoration and healing to help you along in your journey toward abundant inner love.

Join us to honor all the parts of you that are love, lovable, and loving. ❤️

Please make sure to contact us or delete your RSVP if you are unavailable to make it so Cole knows how many gift bags to bring!

Past events (916)

WICCA and Witchcraft 101

Sticks And Stones (Upstairs)