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Dockerize Your Project with Mob Programming! - Monthly Full Stack Meetup
Are you curious about Docker but haven't had a chance to use it? Do you have a pet project that you want to add Docker to, but you don't want to do it alone? At this meetup, Geri Jennings (CyberArk) will run through an example of adding Docker to a project with increasing complexity, and then will open up the floor to other attendees to share their project and their screen so we can Dockerize it mob-programming style! Bring your projects! Bring your computers! Bring your enthusiasm! And be prepared to be amazed! Tip: if you haven't done mob programming before, check out New Relic's Taming the Mob series for info on how it works: ------------------------------------- Monthly Full Stack Meetup: Let's make a regular meetup to discuss issues related to software engineering for the web. Topics of conversation may include design patterns, JavaScript, CSS, relational databases / NoSQL, frameworks, OOP, AJAX, documentation, testing, agile, debugging, etc. - whatever we decide is most relevant & interesting!

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Programmers, Designers, Content Strategists, Analytics Consultants, Database Engineers, Front and Back-End Developers, Graphic Designers, APP Developers, and Server Administrators, etc

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• Mentor others new to the field

• Stay abreast of trends in web development, design, and programming, apps, web standards and best practices, and new technology

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• Provide a place to post meetings, events, conferences and support smaller sub-groups in the tech/design fields.

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