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What we’re about

Footprints in the Wilderness was started as a dog friendly hiking group.  Our members generally enjoy all outdoor activities.  So even though its primary purpose is hiking, we are open to all outdoor activities.  The basic premise of Meetup was "Hey I am going  and who would like to join me".  It is an entirely volunteer group.  Anyone can be an event host and run an event.  You do not have to do extensive preplanning in order to do so.  Some of our event hosts like to preplan a detailed event and others like me prefer to "wing it" a little more.  All I ask is that people respect a few rules.  Safety and respect are my primary concerns.   You must always be prepared.  For example, wear a bike helmet, bring the correct gear,  food, water etc.  This is a no drama group and as such it will not be tolerated.  I am happy to say this has not been an issue in the 2 1/2 years I have been the Group Organizer. Any concerns or issues can always be addressed to me privately.

Last, the events cover all different skill levels.  If you are not sure you are able to complete an event, contact the event host through the messenger and I am sure he or she will always be able to advise you if it is appropriate for your skills.  One of the best ways is to read the entire event description!

Welcome to Footprints in the Wilderness!  Hope this group gives you an opportunity to not only enjoy the outdoors but also meet a great group of outdoor enthusiasts.

Mary Ann Gurbacki