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Pasta Night at Pie Tap in Plano!

Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar Park & Preston

Event rescheduled from May 5.

"The good stuff takes work, and the folks at PIE TAP aren’t afraid to put in a long day."

Everything on PIE TAP's menu is made from the best ingredients available and prepared with love and dedication. Whatever you’re craving, PIE TAP's got it on tap!

Pie Tap is the result of the dedication and passion of Chef Giovanni Mauro. Raised in Sicily, Chef Gio trained in his mother’s kitchen. He has spent the last 30 years perfecting their recipes.

PIE TAP's pasta is killer. They make it from scratch under their own roof and put delicious stuff like meatballs and home grown herbs on top. Carbs well spent!

Tonight you may enjoy ANY of PIE TAP's six delicious PASTA creations for just $12 each! ($15 if you prefer yours Gluten Friendly.)

CARBONARA // bucatini, bacon, white wine cream sauce, soft poached farm egg, parmesan

CHICKEN PARM // chicken milanese, organic tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, bucatini

PAPPARDELLE + BOLOGNESE // heartbrand grass fed akaushi beef bolognese, parmesan, house-made pappardelle

CHICKEN PESTO // rotisserie chicken, arugula pesto, garlic, pine nuts, tomato, house-made fettuccine

RICOTTA GNOCCHI (non-potato ) // house-made ricotta gnocchi, mushrooms, spinach, roasted garlic and goat cheese cream sauce, parmesan, lemon zest

BUCATINI + MEATBALLS // chicken meatballs, organic tomato sauce, bucatini

Or feel free to choose another meal from PIE TAP'S extensive menu of SNACKS / SALADS / SANDWICHES / PIZZA.

Be adventurous and ENJOY a super delicious DESSERT SPECIALTY for just $8 more!

CHOCOLATE BLACKOUT CAKE // chocolate sauce, caramel, candied pecans, whipped cream, or

HOUSE-MADE DOUGHNUTS // choice of local dallas honey, chocolate sauce or strawberry jam

22 Wines from the Cask
11 Craft Cocktails
15 Beers / Ales / Ciders on Tap
13 Beers in Bottles or Cans
9 Non-Alcoholic Beverages

You may arrive early for HAPPY HOUR.
HAPPY HOUR extends till 6 PM, however.
As a special treat, enjoy $2 off your Wine + Beer + Cocktail selections during the first half hour of your meal tonight!

Odd Leaf "Summer Edition" Infused Dinner in Arlington

Odd Leaf Apothecary


ODD LEAF APOTHECARY and A CHEF NAMED SLICK have teamed up again to provide a beautiful DELTA-8 INFUSED THREE COURSE DINNER.

This very special meal will include an appetizer, main course, dessert, and unlimited infused wine.



  • Smoked Infused Chicken Pesto Salad Bites

ENTREE (Choice)

  • Infused Cajun Shrimp with Smoked Gouda Grits
  • Infused Southern Savory Chicken | Homemade Biscuit with Creamy Garlic White Wine Sauce | Roasted Asparagus Tips

DESSERT (Choice)

  • Infused Berry Cheesecake Crunch Parfait
  • Infused Brown Sugar Bourbon and Pecan Brownies with Infused Bourbon Drizzle

According to proprietor JESSICA DENISE, "Our infusions are legal Delta-8, and everything -- food and wine -- will be laced with the perfect amount of 'high' for each course."

A CHEF NAMED SLICK will be cooking and doing a live demo while you dine.

See photos of our last infused dinner in the PHOTOS section.


This is an eagerly awaited event and will definitely sell out, so get your ticket(s) early!

$60 (+$5.28 fees +$5.39 sales tax)



Those who attend may want to ride share with others using LYFT or UBER to ensure getting home safely.

An overnight hotel stay is convenient for eliminating a drive home following the dinner. Just spend the night in one of many nearby hotels.

You may post information in the comments section or contact others on the RSVP list to coordinate shared travel or hotel plans.


In 2019, Texas passed House Bill 1325, which legalized hemp growing in the state. Like the federal standard, the Texas law defines hemp as a cannabis plant with a THC level of up to 0.3% concentration.

Delta-8 is a substance found naturally in hemp.

Hemp-derived Delta-8 THC (with less than 0.3% THC) is legal to buy and sell in Texas.


"Benefits of Delta-8 THC":

"What is Delta-8, and What Are Its Health Benefits?"

Carrabba's Four Course Wine Dinner - Dallas Parkway

Carrabba's Italian Grill

CARRABBA'S ITALIAN GRILL invites us to enjoy a curated wine and food dining experience. Take a night off and come join us for a special WINE DINNER!

(Four Courses without wine - About $35)


Focaccia with grilled shrimp, prosciutto, ricotta, and raspberry sauce

Paired with Chloe Pinot Grigio

Johnny Carraba's spin on Italian salad, with strawberry vinaigrette, gorgonzola crumbles, and toasted pine nuts

Paired with Fleurs de Prairie Rosee

Filet breaded and topped with pomodoro sauce and mozzarella, with a side of cheesy scalloped potatoes

Paired with Red Allegrini

Made with fresh strawberries, homemade whipped cream, pudding, and butter cake. Tastes just like a banana split!

Paired with Chloe Prosecco

NOTE: If you have any specific food allergies or prohibitions, kindly inform your server or the manager. They will happily arrange for a substitution.

TWO DISCOUNTS / PROMOTIONS! (May be combined.)

#1 - AARP DISCOUNT - About $3.50

AARP members qualify for a 10% discount off the portion of their bill consisting of food and non-alcoholic beverages.


Earn 5 points for every dollar spent on food and non-alcoholic beverages. Once you’ve collected 350 points, you’ll earn a $5 off reward for your next visit.

To get credit for your visit when paying your bill, please provide your server with the phone number associated with your Dine Rewards account.

To obtain more information and to sign up, please visit www.carrabbas.com/offers

Dinner at Dunston's - A Dallas Classic!

Dunston's Steak House


Join us for a memorable dinner at a Dallas Classic!


There are many steakhouses in Dallas and places that serve plenty of overpriced bottles of red wine. There are plenty of steakhouses that boast a valet service, too. But the ones that tout a self-service salad bar complete with bacon bits and wooden bowls -- those are firmly in the margin. The dark, beautiful, smoke-stained margin.

Walking through the front door of DUNSTON'S is like a magic trip back into time. Outside modern cars fill the parking lot. But just paces away, walnut-stained wood paneling and drop ceiling tiles frame a restaurant that hasn't been updated since the Ford Pinto was America's best selling ride.

Nixon was president the last time this dining room with burgundy patterned carpet got a facelift, and if you're wearing a burgundy jacket you can blend in perfectly with the tufted pleather booths in the main dining room. In the early ’80s, this was the gathering place for men from the Brook Hollow and the Dallas Country Clubs.

DUNSTON'S first opened as Gene's in 1955 -- a time when steakhouses operated more like family restaurants. Gene Dunston eventually changed the name to his family's. The original restaurant near Love Field has a loyal following, but lost some of its kitsch when it was rebuilt. It's the Lovers Lane location that has all the throwback charm. It's a vestige of simpler times, and a stark contrast to what you'll see in its modern counterparts.

DUNSTON'S offers cuts of beef, in prime and choice grades, alongside pork chops and fish, all of them cooked over a hickory-fired wood pit you smell as soon as you walk in the door. Make no mistake: the Mesquite-grilled steak is the staple. It's a scent that captures all of your childhood campfires and wraps them up in the smell of your uncle Charlie's basement.

DUNSTON'S is a feast for all your senses, but you should know to not expect three-star dining when you open your menu. This is not the place you come for a steak cooked exactly how you requested. You'll have much more control at the salad bar.


Every day, a DUNSTON'S team member is assigned to care for the salad bar. Greens are replenished tenderly and ice piled high, keeping items like the potato salad, sparkling with pickle juice, chilly cold. DUNSTON'S salad bar is like a newborn panda bear: It’s one of the neediest, tenderly cared-for species in the family, and its greatness extends back nearly 50 years.

It’s a wonderland of potato and pea salad, carrot medallions, fried croutons, chopped fresh egg, crunchy-crisp bacon grounds cooked that morning, pickled okra and fried bread. It basks in the smoke of the mesquite wood grill.

Wooden bowls are stacked in an icy cooler next to the bar. There are only a handful of salad bars like this left in the city, and DUNSTON'S is, by far, the only one that's so thoughtful. This is a freestanding monument to the purity of a simple food idea: It’s just a bar full of good food. It’s herbs and vegetables, and you build everything yourself. It’s likely we’ll never see another like it.


Chad Dunston says not a week goes by that a customer begs him to not change a thing. That's exactly what his family has done, because it's that sense of nostalgia that keeps regular customers coming back week after week. They come for the grilled chicken served with a baked potato. They come for that bacon-wrapped filet that's been on the menu from the very beginning. They come for the Key lime pie dyed a shade of sea green, and for the daily cobbler that's offered in blueberry and peach.

Regulars know the best seats in the house are the art deco captains chairs and black leather booths in the back bar. Walk through the front door for the first time and the throw-back appeal smacks you just as firmly as the smell of smoldering mesquite.

It works so well because the charm is authentic. In this time capsule there is no wistfulness or sadness, only happiness and fullness, and whatever that feeling is when you walk back to the salad bar for one more glob of ranch and don't look back.


Chad Dunston says, "You go to the high-end steakhouse once a month. You come here once a week.”

Choose all your favorites from the reasonably priced menu:


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