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What we’re about

Welcome to this dynamic group of women writers!

Here, you’ll find an awesome community committed to cultivating a space supportive of empowering women’s words in all forms, and nurturing creative process through self-care and inspiring connection.

If you turn primarily to the page to receive your words, join our Virtual Write-In Events [currently hosted Friday evenings].

If you enjoy a more lively social environment and discussion, join our Virtual Discuss-In Events [currently hosted Saturday mornings].

If you prefer to share your creative work (or work-in-progress) with a group of resonant, encouraging listeners, join our Virtual Storyshare-In Events [offered one Friday night per month, check our events schedule].

Need some inspiration? Gather in community at our Inspire-In Events where we share and receive the things that are sparking our inspiration and creativity [currently hosted once a month, check our events schedule].

You are also welcome to join our Virtual Workshops and Self-Care for Creatives Events. These cover a variety of topics and offer tools relevant to supporting creatives/writers in their process--especially those who are highly sensitive people, HSPs [dates and topics vary, check our events schedule].

Community Guidelines: The social contract that calibrates the space we co-create for one another here…

This is a diverse, dynamic, inspiring group of women! 

Please feel welcome joining us if tolerance, supportiveness, open-mindedness, linking as opposed to ranking, non-competitive connection, finding the commonalities, holding space, self-regulation and warm sharing are what you are looking to give and receive in a community environment.

Bring your good vibes, questions, experiences, compassion, empathy and authenticity to show, share and tell!

I look forward to laughing, learning, sharing and writing together in community with you all!

With Kindness and Gratitude,