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Women Healing Women is an ongoing supportive circle of women that gets together for sharing, learning, growing and holistic healing. We help each other to realize our innate talents so we can have more peace of mind, emotional stability and spiritual connection. The work we do enriches our lives and effects the lives of everyone that comes in contact with us.

Our goal is to share as much love as we can each day we are gifted with life

If you would like to share your skills, passion, wisdom and experience with others, please create a meetup and we will facilitate you to the best of our abilities. We can provide space if you need it and we can advertise your presentation to our members.

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Four Steps To Healing Emotional & Physical Stress
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How to jump-start rejuvenation, clear stress, and relearn how to relax. We'll focus on how meditation techniques can optimize the DNA to make the concept of rest more accessible.

This talk is designed to let participants leave with a newfound visualization of tranquil living.

We'll briefly discuss the Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Dr. Pjotr Garjajev who simply did not believe that 90% of our DNA is "junk." In addition to looking at his discovery that the human voice can be used as a doorway to relaxation, transformation, and rejuvenation, we'll discuss:

· Accessing The Pineal Gland
· DNA Optimization
· Consciousness Expansion
· Physical Integration

All attendees should bring paper and pen, tablet, or a laptop.

About Myself:
I am founder and CEO of Willow System International, developer of The Willow System Life Mapping/Life Solutions programs, and Active Yoga & Meditation.

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