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Want to Host? - Muscle Testing Class - starting probably in Oct
Hi Everyone, I will probably be doing this in November as I have been preparing for the Halloween event and have been a bit tired lately. Please send me an email so you can be on the list when we finally choose a date and time and location. Send to [masked]. Everyone will need to fill out a questioner to qualify for the class. The class still hasn't happened yet so be patient. We will figure it out the details shortly. This is going to be an intro to muscle testing class so you can start testing your own vitamins, products and making better more intuitive choices in your life. Being more tapped in is almost a necessary skill to have when navigating the current waters of our world. It is also necessary to check yourself and your progress with an advanced practitioner repeatedly until you are spot on. Attendance will be capped so you can get individual attention. I am looking for a volunteer to donate a venue or their house / residence for the 3 part intro class. You will get any of these classes we have at your place free. Let me know if you are interested in hosting. Mari has an extensive background in Alternative Medicine and is an Advanced Practitioner of Body Testing (1989-present). She has served as the medical Intuitive for Dr. Daniel Reeves, D.C., N. D., D.D., Phd. for 9 or more years where she helped to diagnose patients in his practice as well as treat them. She also has studied Energy Medicine Modalities: Total Body Modification (Energetic Chiropractic) and Matrix Energetics 1, 2, & 3. She has Certification in all of these modalities. Mari has a Certification to teach Kunlun Nei Gung or the Kunlun System, Taoist Internal Alchemy, and has been accredited to instruct Taoist Internal Meditation Techniques since 2011. She has been a certified Sound Healer since 1992 after completing a year of study. She has completed a 14 year apprenticeship in the art of Sound Healing with her mentor and instructor K. Bach. She further has Certificates of Accomplishment (with Distinction*) Mindfulness Meditation - Leiden University Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence - Case Western Reserve U. * Better Leader, Richer Life - University of Pennsylvania * The Science of Happiness - UC Berkley* Accountable Talk - University of Pittsburgh* Guide to Irrational Behavior - Duke University Creativity, Innovation and Change -Penn State U* Preventing Chronic Pain - A Human Systems Approach; University of Minnesota* Curanderismo 1,2,3: Traditional Medicine - University of New Mexico* Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship -Duke U Medicine and the Arts - Capetown University South Africa Music for Wellness - Berklee School of Music Ancient Medicine (Greek) - currently studying With additional completion of classes in Buddhism and Modern Psychology - Princeton University. The Science of Stress Management & Promoting Well-being - Univ of Washington Mindfulness Meditation - Monash University She has been working with Sacred Sound & Healing for 20 + years since 1991.

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