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What we’re about

I grew up in Texas (Sugar Land to be exact) but have spent the last six years living in NYC and Chicago. I recently moved to The Woodlands with my husband for his new job and a change of scenery.

& I'm just going to come right out and say it: The Woodlands is a literal dream. Like seriously ladies! There's a freaking trolley, a gorgeous waterway, some amazing food spots... which coming from NYC & Chicago really says a lot, I've been blown away (and so has my diet!) I can't really think of anything my life in The Woodlands is missing, minus a few really good girlfriends!

The pandemic has created a whole new work from home life for so many of us and obviously with social distancing and staying healthy I know a lot of us have seen our social lives crumble. I think we need social interaction on some level now more than ever! I've hosted multiple Meetup groups (I currently have one for the city of Houston as well!) and I've found them to be a great way to make new friends.

Join This Group If You Like:
-Trying out new restaurants - or finding one to become your favorite stomping ground
-Networking & supporting women entrepreneurships + careers
-Making new girlfriends
-Checking out fun events around town
-Honestly anything social & fun - I consider myself to be a cool person so I'm just hoping to meet a few others who like to go out and seize the day!

There's no age restrictions for this group, however please be at least 21 as some of the events we do in the future will include bars/alcohol. If you're married/single, do/don't have kids, work or are in school, whatever - feel free to join! I hate to say the cliché "women empower women" but it's so true! This is an amazing town filled with some really interesting people and I just want to connect with all of you!

Given the pandemic, I know that hosting events in person will be limited right now. However, I do hope we can plan picnics or outdoor dining / virtual events to connect in the mean time! :)