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What we’re about

"Meeting Women Veterans at their Points of Need"

This group is for women veterans, women in the military, and supporters. As women veterans and women in the military we share a common thread and thus we understand each other, so, why not interact with one another in an atmosphere that is fun and inviting. We are about getting together for food, fun, and fellowship, for a great cause

Women Veterans Interactive is a 501 C3 nonprofit membership organization

Our Purpose: To provide support services, housing options, advocacy and outreach for women veterans and their families

Our Vision: To eradicate homelessness; improve healthcare and education delivery; and develop a network where there is a free exchange of experiences and solutions.

Our Mission:Supporting Women Veterans through Advocacy, Empowerment, Interaction, Outreach and Unification

Women Veterans Interactive Believes:

Women veterans should have safe and suitable housing

The word homeless and veteran should not be in the same sentence

Women veterans should have a voice at every level of government

Women veterans deserve to be treated with dignity and respect

Outreach is a critical component in meeting women veterans at their point of need

America needs to come together as a community to understand the plight of the homeless veteran

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