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What we’re about

Women Who Go Toronto is a community of women and non-binary Go (Golang) developers committed to learning and sharing intermediate and advanced Go programming topics in an open and inclusive environment. 

Is this meetup for me?

Women Who Go Toronto Mascot

Our gopher friend, Meg, is designed by Ellen Hsiang. The inspiration behind this mascot comes from the well-known photo of software pioneer Margaret Hamilton standing next to her team's tower of code for the Apollo Project. She was a champion of computer programming as a legitimate discipline, and is credited with coining the term software engineering.

Behind Meg is the distinctive Toronto City Hall. In contrast to that other famous but pointier Toronto landmark, City Hall is a curvy harmony of parts. Two towers wrap around the saucer-like council chamber, hinting at standing figures gathering for an intimate chat. It is also the literal meeting place for City Council. Both the building and the meetings are open to the public.

Passionate software engineers, gophers, and a welcoming community? What else but Women Who Go Toronto.

Code of Conduct

All members agree to adhere to the Women Who Go Code of Conduct.