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Olemme voittoa tavoittelematon yhdistys, joka perustettiin puhtaasta tahdosta tukea naisia työllistymään alalle lisäten näin monimuotoisuutta tasaten olemassa olevaa sukupuolijakaumaa.

Järjestämme erilaisia tapahtumia, tarjoamme tukea ja jaamme ajankohtaista tietoa tehden yhteistyötä tukijoidemme ja yhteistyökumppaneidemme kanssa.

We are a non-profit organization with a mission towards a more diverse and inclusive cybersec industry by sharing information and spreading awareness.

Look out for our networking events and discussion panels!

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W4CFI x Silverskin After Work Special

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Agenda[masked]:25 Noora Hammar, W4CFI
17:[masked] Opening words by Juuso Haavisto, CEO Silverskin[masked] What is privacy on the internet and how do you protect yours? Basics of internet privacy by Daniela & Lauri[masked] Tauko[masked] Hardware assisted security & privacy by Dani[masked] Opsec by Lauri[masked] Hands on excercise: checking your own privacy online[masked] Networking

Lauri Vakkala
Lauri works as a penetration tester at Silverskin doing tasks varying from typical penetration testing of web applications and networks to social engineering and open source intelligence. He has been working at Silverkin for 5 years as information security consultant, working for customers in a variety of industries from healthcare to finance.

Dani Frisk
Dani is a former art student turned into a "offensive" security consultant who's mostly occupied by converting coffee into security tests & reports. Outside working hours they can be found fiddling with electronics, writing code to open source firmware&os projects, or reading sci-fi books.

Daniela Mårtenson
Daniela is a political scientist turned cyber security enthusiast. She works at Silverskin as a project manager, but on her free time she goes down rabbit holes doing OSINT, learning how networks work and she has a passion for social engineering and understanding human psychology and behaviour.

We have a no-show policy:
If you are not able to participate and do not cancel, you will not be allowed to participate in upcoming events for the next six events or for the next six months, which condition is filled first.
If you need to cancel your participation, please do it by replying to the confirmation email and updating your RSVP status to "Not going" in the event.

Please note that pictures from the event will be shared in our social media channels. You can opt-out from being photographed at the event.

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W4CFI x 2NS After Work Special: Back to Secure Future

Needs a location

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