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What we’re about

Women In Agile and Tech is a collective effort to the bridge gap and create platform for more women and non-binary voices, providing a path to support and amplify a diverse and empowered community. It’s a platform where one woman helps another to build a sustainable network that extends the support year round, to women and allies within their network. No matter what your background is, we recognize and embrace your uniqueness. We strive to provide you with inspiration, education and opportunities. So, if you want to learn and have others learn from you, this is the place to be.

As meetup members, you can enjoy learning with fun at AgileVirgin. Through our weekly programs Gamify It, Agility A2Z, Visuallect, Unleash yourself, we bring knowledge and experts to you who share practical and applicable insights on Agile, Lean, DevOps, Startups, Technology, Gamification and Game thinking, Product thinking, Visual Thinking, Personal Agility, Coaching, Human Systems Dynamics, Clean Language, and other Agility enabling philosophy, processes, tools, and frameworks.

Our Annual Events are:

1. AgilityToday

2. Change Agents Summit

3. Agile-A-Thon

4. Agile Career Bootcamp

5. Global Mentorship Program

6. Funconf

7. Visual Binge

8. Narrathon

9. Agile Coach Camp

10. Dream Big

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