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Women In Agile and Tech is a collective effort to the bridge gap and create platform for more women and non-binary voices, providing a path to support and amplify a diverse and empowered community. It’s a platform where one woman helps another to build a sustainable network that extends the support year round, to women and allies within their network. No matter what your background is, we recognize and embrace your uniqueness. We strive to provide you with inspiration, education and opportunities. So, if you want to learn and have others learn from you, this is the place to be.

As meetup members, you can enjoy learning with fun at AgileVirgin. Through our weekly programs Gamify It, Agility A2Z, Visuallect, Unleash yourself, we bring knowledge and experts to you who share practical and applicable insights on Agile, Lean, DevOps, Startups, Technology, Gamification and Game thinking, Product thinking, Visual Thinking, Personal Agility, Coaching, Human Systems Dynamics, Clean Language, and other Agility enabling philosophy, processes, tools, and frameworks.

Our Annual Events are:

1. AgilityToday

2. Change Agents Summit

3. Agile-A-Thon

4. Agile Career Bootcamp

5. Global Mentorship Program

6. Funconf

7. Visual Binge

8. Narrathon

9. Agile Coach Camp

10. Dream Big

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CAS 2022

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Every year as change agents we bring to you Change Agent Summit , which is a #flipconference for all Change Agents to gather together to look within and check on the State of Agile Transformation in India.

This space aims at creating a safe space for coaches/scrum masters/agile enthusiasts/agile innovators and leaders to discuss, share and/or validate their observations in the industry on the key influencing factors of Agile way of working across various quadrants of Agile transformation.

Come JOIN US on 4th June, Saturday from 5 pm IST onwards for this year's Change Agent Summit CAS 2022 where we add or modify on our past observations on the State of Agile Transformation in India.

Check details below : https://app.agilevirgin.in/experience/changeagentssummit/2022
and register for this virtual and free event through "Book Your Seat"

For questions reach out to Deepti Jain, Poulomi Nath, Gaurav Chaturvedi, Rakhi Agarwal

Funconf 2022

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Agile Alliance has been working on India Agile Community Development with Deepti Jain through India-wide #CommunityOfPractices AgileVirgin and Women in Agile and Tech.

One of the most essential event for the industry is FunConf which focuses on #Gamification that cultivates and foster Innovation, Collaboration, Hyper-Productivity, Employee Engagement, Agile Adoption/Transformation/Sustenance, Continuous Improvement, Actionable Retrospection and many more areas. And with those intentions, we invite you to India's only #gamificationfocused event.

Here you will be able to learn and teach mini hyper games that helps improving organizational Productivity, Agility, and Effectiveness through fun activities and simulations. So grab this opportunity to have a fun-filled evening with loads of learnings!

Visual Binge 2022

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Visual Binge is an indulgence in different aspects of ideating and communicating visually. Join us for India's first-ever Visual thinking Unconference which is online as well as in-person offering participants a forum to develop creative ideas by drawing connections.
This year we are bringing you it online on 6 August with the focus on creating a powerful pitch, fueling up collaboration with visual communication, backlog development, and strategic planning. So if you are looking for ways to achieve the following, join us at this year's Visual Binge:

  • Powerful Presentations
  • Crisp Communication
  • Result-oriented Brainstorm
  • Develop Transparency
  • Visionary Roadmap

We invite BA, PO, SM, IT Professionals, and Leaders who are looking for impactful ways of non-linear thinking, engagement, clarity, and action-oriented vision. For any language, it is important to enrich your vocabulary and so is true for Visual Thinking. Learn how to use visual thinking in your daily approaches and how to build your vocabulary from experts.

Game of Testing(GoT) 2022

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Hello, Testers and Quality Warriors,

Here is a brand new unconference "Game of Testing (#GoT) intending to uncover the future of testing, discuss ongoing trends & innovations, understand testing challenges & solutions, and of course how it can help us shape our career and grow. This is an in-person event, happening in Bangalore on 17 & 18 Sept 2022.

  1. You can check all details about the event here: https://lnkd.in/dyjmGs8m

  2. If you have ideas that you want to present in this Unconference, please submit your proposals here: https://lnkd.in/d8EmnpeT

  3. If you want to offer your Servant Leadership in organizing this event, then please apply here: https://lnkd.in/dU4Fx7i2

  4. Sponsorship information will be shared here, If interested, write us at [masked]: https://lnkd.in/dC-EbQ9b

You can book the tickets from: Register for Game of Testing 2022 - AgileVirgin.in Super early discount is going on, book your tickets on discounted price. so Hurry up!!!

for any questions you can reach out to the organizing team (Deepti Jain Sonia Negi Jyoti Mishra)

cc Siddharth Shukla Ashish Agarwal Rakhi Agarwal Khushbu Kania

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