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What we’re about

Sister Circle is a group for women to meet in sacred, transformational circle. Women's Circle is a magical experience wherein women experience healing, transformational medicine. <br>

We meet at least once a month to circle together. We engage in ceremony, open our hearts, support one another in our challenges and triumphs. Sister Circle helps women to grow in community and self-trust. <br>

Sister Circle is for any woman who is seeking to connect with her most authentic, divine self, within a community of other women. Sister Circle is a place for women to truly meet each other as unique expressions of the Divine. If you know in your heart that there is something more, a divine moment waiting to be expressed, Sister Circle is a place to find it. <br>

Sister Circle Houston was created by Priscilla Long, an indigenous spirit worker and certified life coach and circle facilitator. Priscilla has more than 30 years experience in witchcraft, western ceremonialism, and indigenous spirituality. She was drawn to lead circle in order to connect with other women seeking alignment with their divine purpose. <br>