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What we’re about


Women in their sixth decade and beyond are adventurous, curious and social. Let’s get together to celebrate our journeys, laugh, share stories and talk about our dreams for the future. Events will be planned based upon member suggestions and interests. (Hat tip to Joyce, our group's founder, for these wise words!)

We are a warm and welcoming group, so have no fear attending your first event! Events will be held in and outside of Boston proper, on both weekends and weekdays (though most members seem to prefer weekends). Suggestions and Event Hosts are welcome and encouraged!

Note that I am a volunteer, and by attending any event you agree not to hold me, any event organizer, any other member, or the Meetup organization liable for any illness or injury sustained at one of my events.


  • All members must have an identifiable, recent picture of their face ("head shot").
  • All members must have ANY word, name, number or symbol in your name that separates you from others with the same first name.
  • For dining events, please bring cash in small denominations (one $20 and smaller) to facilitate easy payment of the bill. We add 27% to the cost of our meal, for tax and tip.
  • Annual dues are $5.00 per person, to be used to help me pay the Organizer fee ($220/year), plus supplies (like name tags) and related expenses (such as tipping tour guides, adding to wait staff tips, fees for no-shows, etc.). [Payment to me via cash, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal would be appreciated (be sure to mark it "friends and family or I'll pay a fee). If you pay via Meetup, they take a fee.] Any surplus will be used for some treats and surprises along the way.  I'm providing a 90-day free trial period. Unpaid members will automatically be removed by Meetup after 90 days.  You can always rejoin afterward if you change your mind.
  • If you cannot attend an event for which you purchased a ticket, please advise me and I will offer the ticket to the waitlist. If someone wants it, they can reach out to you directly. You are also free to offer your purchased ticket to a friend or relative (just let me know!).
  • If you are unable to attend any event you registered for, please change your RSVP at least 24 hours in advance to allow someone from the waitlist to attend, and for me to change any reservations without penalty.
  • If you are a member who habitually registers and cancels within 24-48 hours or doesn't respond to my messages about an event, and there is a waitlist for an event with women who always show up, I reserve the right to move you to the waitlist in exchange for one of those regular attendees.
  • Of course, sometimes things happen on the day of an event, but unless you send me a message, you'll be marked as a No-Show. No-Shows are unfair to those on the waitlist, to restaurants, and to me. I do not get notifications from Meetup when an RSVP is changed. My phone number is 917-837-4504. Please call or text with last-minute questions or cancellations.
  • You will be removed from the group after two no-shows, or two last-minute cancellations (less than 24 hours) when there's a waitlist or reservation. Let's be respectful of each other!

Make sure you are receiving email notifications of new events, changes to events, cancellations of events, messages in Event Chat, etc. If you don't have your settings on for these email notifications, you might miss important information unless you go to Meetup and look at our group page (which you should do often if you have an upcoming event).

  • Log into I believe you have to be on the website, not the app, to choose these settings. You can access the website on your phone via your browser.
  • Click the three horizontal lines or three dots in the upper left or right of the group page, or the down arrow next to your photo. These may be different on Apple vs. Android vs. laptop.
  • Select "Settings."
  • On the left side of the page, select "Email Updates." You can select any or all of the "Updates from Meetup," which relate to the Meetup organization, not from any groups. You probably want to be notified when someone sends you a message, and of suggested events based on your interests (which you can select further down in the settings list).
  • Scroll down to "Updates About Your Groups." I recommend you select at least the following:
  • New event announcements
  • My RSVP is confirmed
  • Changes to event time or location
  • New comments & chat messages
  • Event reminders
  • Event updates from organizers
  • Announcement to members about the group

I welcome event feedback and ratings (visit the event page), and any tips on how I can improve our group!

I look forward to some good times with you!