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WooCommerce has emerged as the most popular method to sell online with over one million sites powered by WordPress and WooCommerce and over 21 million downloads. Our success has always been hinged to the amazing WordPress & WooCommerce communities. We would love to grow our community and integrate like-minded people to talk and help each other out with everything Woo-related. Are you an avid WooCommerce enthusiast and want to be a part of a community of passionate developers, store owners, and eCommerce specialists? We’d love you to get involved in organizing our WooCommerce meetups all over the globe. Meetups are meant to benefit the local WooCommerce community through live events and the broader WordPress community through the sharing of knowledge.
Have any questions? Join us on Slack at https://woocommerceslack.herokuapp.com

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WooCommerce and WordPress Database Cleanup 2023

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Happy New Year and greetings fellow WooCommerce enthusiasts!

We'll be having our first meetup this year on database cleanup to help improve site performance and speed. Database cleanup is a regular and ongoing task that all WordPress site administrators should be aware of. We'll take you through WordPress Database Optimization following an especially useful article from WP Engine here.

The database of your WordPress website with WooCommerce installed holds information such as post content, users, orders and plugin and theme settings. It’s important for the database to be lightweight so it is agile enough to interact with every page without negatively impacting performance.

Database records are left behind nearly every time a plugin is removed. This includes records that occupy memory, slow down normal database queries, and can break object caching.

Improve the performance of your websites by understanding and addressing your database cleanliness.

We'll cover:

- Getting access to your database
- Running table optimizations
- Confirming InnoDB storage engine
- Using a database cleanup plugin and common cleanings
- Sorting autoload data and fixing rows
- Examining the rest of the database for problems
- WooCommerce specific considerations

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

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IN PERSON Holiday Meetup at Public School 818

Public School 818