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What we’re about

Woodward Business Group was created to benefit the local business community by establishing a forum where experiences both good and bad, ideas and direct referrals would be shared by each member.

To the point, WBG is a direct 1 on 1 networking group that formally allows for one business per profession.  You may hear of these groups by different names (BNI, LBN, chamber networking groups.)  

Just know, There is a difference between a Direct Member of the Woodward Business Group and a member of Woodward Business Group Meet-up.

All members of the 'meetup' are welcome to attend our monthly after hours meetings and can attend 2 of our morning meetings as well.  We love meeting new people!  Cmon by!

However, the the real value of Woodward Business Group is to join as an official member of the  'bricks and mortar' Woodward Business Group. (Non-Meet-up)  

We started as BNI years ago but got tired of the rules, regulations and lack of fun. We decided to keep the referrals, revenue passed and great relationships.  We think we've developed something that encompasses the best of a networking group, without the unneeded stuff.

The yearly dues are $400.00 and as a non-profit, all funds remain within the group until they are redirected out into the community to promote the individual members companies and local charities.