What we're about

Our group provides a way to connect with other local WordPress users, developers, designers and consultants for personal and professional networking. We also explore WordPress news, updates and developments. Anyone who enjoys using WordPress is invited to come.

Beginners Notes:

You will get the most out of our meetings if you have read a little about WordPress and have installed it. (We do not usually discuss installation, but you could ask for help on this during social time.)

We recommend you have a Google Analytics and a Webmaster tools account and watch a few YouTube 'beginner' videos to have a general feel for their use.

Bring questions or tips to each meeting. Our meetings are more than networking. We tackle YOUR problems and we hope you leave each meeting with a to-do list of ideas to improve your business.

Our Group Members are Interested in:

Wordpress: All areas

Internet marketing: For entrepreneurs, the self-employed business, photography, self-publishing, graphics designers, web design, affiliate marketing, fashion design, travel, military service members (Veterans), children's education, financial portfolios, investments, and more.

Social Media: Social media marketing and social media networking (including YouTube video marketing & preparation, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ profiles, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Includes Google+ for pages, Google Analytics, and Webmaster tools

Note: While our WP meetings focus on WordPress discussion, the social time can be used for any topic and we also consider break-out sessions at members request.

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Upcoming events (1)

Wordpress Discussion - LAST MEETING for 2022

Needs a location

LAST MEETING for 2022. Pls enjoy the Nov-Dec holiday season!!!
- Pls come :)

We've had a lot of feedback on how to run the meetings. Last meeting we were able to stream to the big screen. Hoping to do that again at this meeting.

FORMAT - runs like a Mastermind:
- Tell your name
- Tell what you did since last meeting + your goals for the upcoming month
- Tip to share (maybe a plugin etc.)
--- Tell something you're having a challenge with and how YOU plan to solve it.

-- After you tell your challenge and YOUR solution, then members of the group can tell you if they have any alternative thoughts/paths you might take.

I've used this format before in groups and when we did this, most members made progress each month.
- The KEY is to come prepared to share YOUR plan vs expecting members to solve your challenges :)

Optional: Bring laptops, extension cord to reach power outlets, and an HDMI cable if you wish to connect to the big screen

If you would like to present something, pls message me thru Meetup so we can schedule you.
- You can present a plugin, theme, builder, or other ecommerce related tool that can help businesses grow. (You can even be an affiliate and we will share your link to attendees.)

The tentative plan is to meet on the 3rd Friday of each month.
*We will consider a lunch hour meeting later in the year, after we get going again :)

-- And if you're interested --
You can sign up for AirTable for FREE using my affiliate link here:

And here's a link on how it can work with Wordpress:

*Thank you to those who already signed up :)


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Wordpress Discussion

Needs a location

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