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Locus Critique-free Writing Group
This group is for anyone who writes- for any reason. Have a thesis or article you need to write? Trying to finish a novel or an academic paper? This group is for you. If you've only tried working at home, alone, using nothing but will-power to motivate yourself to get it done, I think you'll be surprised at the power of merely sitting in a room with a bunch of other people, all working away on their own projects, to get you going and help you finish. We meet starting at 9:00, introduce ourselves and say a few words about what we're working on and what we hope to accomplish. At the end of the session you can give us a brief recap of how it went. We'll break at noon and those who wish to can join us for a group lunch (where and what to eat is decided on by members). The afternoon session starts at 2:00 pm. You're welcome to come to either session or both. Please come as close to 9:00 as you can if you come for the morning session. If you come to the afternoon session we are usually back by about a quarter to 2:00.

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Slezská 45 Vinohrady · Prague

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Work Better is a Meetup Group in Prague for English-speaking location-independent professionals--remote workers, freelancers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, writers, creatives, and scholars--who want to work more effectively, successfully, and happily.

If you're looking for ways to work more efficiently; to collaborate with, support, and get support from others; to clarify and better achieve your goals; or to reignite your passion about work, then this group is for you.


Events include:

Workshops, Trainings, & Lectures: When the opportunities arise, the group will host workshops, trainings, or lectures focused on improving the quality of one's work or work-life balance. If you have a great talk on this topic that you'd like to give, please let us know!

Mastermind Groups ( Recurring meetings with the same participants in a small group over an extended period to share knowledge, clarify goals, and hold each other accountable.

Jelly! ( Jelly is a "work meetup" for people who can and often do work from anywhere with a desk and an internet connection but who would rather do it alongside others doing the same.

The "Group Work Meetups": This is a twice-a-week meetup for Locus Workspace Members and a monthly meetup open to the public. It's an intensely focused four hours of work in a group setting, using a group pomodoro technique ( for those who want it.

The "Critique-Free Writing Meetup": A weekly meetup for writers of any kind (scholarly, journalism, non-fiction, fiction, etc.) who could benefit from a sacred time and a shared/social context to just write, write, write each week.

The Prague Writers Group ( A bi-weekly meetup for creative writers to read and critique one another's work.

Your idea goes here! We're open to other ideas and often adding various events that might help all of us work better, so let us know if you have a good idea that you'd be willing to help organize!


If this fits your interests, please join our meetup group!

These meetups are organized or hosted by the coworking space, Locus Workspace (, or its members, and they often take place at Locus:
Slezská 45
Prague 3-Vinohrady
+420 732 501 105

Locus has two other groups that you might want to join:

• Locus: LEARNING, IDEAS, KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION in Prague organizes workshops, lectures, and discussions intended to teach us about new things, engage our critical minds, and otherwise get us thinking.

• Locus: FUN STUFF in Prague ( organizes meetups for location-independent professionals----remote workers, freelancers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, writers, creatives, and scholars--who want to get to know other like-minded people and have some fun in the process.

Locus also organizes meetups only open to members of the coworking space:
These events will note be listed here, but you can find them on our event calendar ( Not a Locus member but want to participate in these members-only events? Consider a Virtual Membership ( and get free or discounted admission to all Locus meetups.

Hope to see you at an upcoming meetup!

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