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What we’re about

In this hyper-hustle world we live in, it’s hard to carve out quality time to develop yourself and have creative fun in the process.

The purpose of this group is to give busy people valuable space to switch off and genuinely get to know people, build connections and engage with creative work-life balance opportunities.

Join this group if:

  • You are overwhelmed, bored or disenchanted with constant streaming and online events.
  • You are finding it difficult to switch off and have no quality downtime.
  • You are struggling to focus at work and bring new fresh ideas and perspectives.
  • You are open to experimenting with creativity and learning new things, and developing yourself.

This group is organised by myself, Donna (for my business The DPA), and my lovely assistants Tabitha and R.G.
As a person who has struggled with my well-being and the lack of practical, down-to-earth, creative well-being activities to attend and engage with, and as someone who is passionate about teaching, creativity and well-being, I have decided to offer these services;

My mission in life and with my business (The DPA) is to support people with creative well-being opportunities. To help people feel connected and develop their self-awareness for personal growth to live more content and well lives.

At DPA, we meet on a regular basis

  • to relax and talk about what we can do to harness creativity to enable us to have greater work/life balance and switch off. These are our CONNECT Get-Together Events.
  • to get together monthly to create at the GROW Painting Sessions.
  • to expand our personal awareness and well-being journey at the DEVELOP Well-Being Workshops.