This Meetup is past

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This meetup has been scheduled, but details are still being worked out. If you have any idea for what you'd like to learn, drop us a note in the comments.

We usually have refreshments available (snacks & beverages). Feel free to contribute and bring your own to share with the group.

We invite anyone that would like to share a topic, or show a project they've worked on as a case study to talk to one of the organizers of the group about presenting.

Most of the topics we cover will include a wide spectrum from introductory "how-to use it" all the way to advanced "how-to code it". Even if you're just starting with WordPress and we're covering an advanced topic you can still get something out of it! We always have volunteers available to do one-on-one or small group ground-up walkthroughs of WordPress!

You never need to worry about if you're going to learn something or not. We guarantee no matter where you're starting you'll come away with something useful.

Hope to see you there!