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Delivering the Project your Client Wants with Agile Management
Join us as Charlie White, co-founder of Adaptive Momentum, shares his experience using Agile Management to increase productivity. Read on to get an overview of what he'll cover. "Consultants and clients often have different visions for what "finished" means. One way to solve this is by including imposing contractual language about revisions, but this is a turn-off to clients, and really not a very fun way to work. Agile Management introduces a different kind of solution, where clients and consultants collaboratively to determine what "done" means in a cooperative, iterative process. Projects managed with Agile have a 30% higher success rate of being on time, scope, and budget -- and Agile provides a built-in mechanism for selling future phases of a project." Please RSVP so you're in the count for pizza and don't miss out on this chance to improve your work flow and client experience! See you all Thursday.


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