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Since 2013 the Workplace Ninja's User Group Netherlands (WPNinjasNL) is organizing multiple events every year! Join us and share your knowledge about Azure, Microsoft 365, Security, and more.

We are happy to announce the next 'Live Ask us Anything' session. This time about Teams and Security. This session will be everything about securing your Team's environment, how Microsoft is dealing with attacks and what means the goal of keeping Teams secure and Trustworthy by Design.

IMPORTANT - Share your questions about this topic with us at [masked] or [masked] or at the meetup through the Teams meeting chat.

About our guests - we are proud to have John Gruszczyk (Product Manager @ Microsoft) and Stephen Rose (Product Evangelist @ Microsoft). Both are working in the Teams security, compliance, and privacy area.

Who is John Gruszczyk? - John is a former Microsoft deployment consultant now focused on product strategy working on anything Teams security, compliance, and privacy related!

Who is Stephen Rose? - Since 2009 Stephen has led IT pro product marketing for a wide variety of products at Microsoft including Microsoft 365, Windows, Surface, Office and OneDrive. He now leads IT Pro Security, Management and Privacy for Microsoft Teams and is the host of the show Inside Microsoft Teams.

Stephen holds over 20 technical certifications and been certified since Windows NT 4.0 and (sadly) still remembers what an IRQ is. It is also possible that Stephen may be the last living member of the Columbia House Record and Tape club.

Follow him @stephenlrose on Twitter