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What we’re about

Founded January 18th, 2004 by Delia, we started out as a place to meet with local Pagans of various spiritual paths: Wicca, Asatru, Celtic, Druidism, Hellenic, Kemetic, Western Hermetic, shamanism, and more. Meet with local witches and pagans of various traditions - Wiccan, Celtic, Greek, shamanic, folk magic, etc. Discuss magical topics like herbalism, healing, tarot, divination, scrying, trance states and ritual. One can also connect with local covens there.

We now host discussions, classes, rituals, and participate in the broader community including The Conference on Current Pagan Studies, Pagan Pride, and Pantheacon, to name a few. 
We are not a coven, though some covens do have members here, but a community. Our focus is building community through education and participation. We have a variety of organizers, giving us strong, diverse, leadership.

Dues are $5 per month, paid in person or via our website or Patreon. See our website for the Monthly Calendar;

Please read our Group Guidelines and then click join to learn more.