WordPress Sheffield February 2019 - Matthew Love & Tim Nash


Our speakers for February:

"Confessions of a WordPress explorer"

An intermediate-level view of coding in WordPress and WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most widely used online shopping store products available. Installation is very easy and many of the 50,000 plugins are free and easy to add. But what if your application needs something bespoke?

This talk will install WooCommerce and configure it to sell products with variations, using standard facilities.But it will then demonstrate hooking/unhooking functions, using own theme code, and altering WooCommerce code to implement new front-end and back-end functionality. It will also demonstrate some debugging tools found useful.

The aim of the talk is to share experiences of going a little beyond the “out of the box” for WooCommerce and WordPress. Several screens of PHP, Javascript and jQuery will be shown, but with a focus giving a feel for how the components of the site can be altered rather than looking at the detailed logic of each page.

The presenter, Matthew Love, is a tutor in computing at Sheffield Hallam University, and developed a demonstration application to help explore and explain the concepts. The demonstration will show false steps as well as correct ones. Audiences new to software coding are welcome to attend.

"Come to the Dark Side we have cookies"

Everyone should be a little bit worried about security of their site, and at conferences lots of security talks focus on practical steps people can take. In this talk Tim will flip the norms and instead focus on several real examples of sites being hacked but from the attackers perspective. We will see the whole attacks from the bad actors view identifying targets, analysing vulnerable sites, adding payload, exploiting in doing so showing how sites are infected, how some tools do prevent certain attacks and how clever and indeed not so clever bad actors can circumvent lots of hardening done.

Each step we can analyse what could have been put in place to prevent and frustrate the attack and then look at how this can be implemented on your site.

Tim is the 34SP.com WordPress Platform Lead & Developer advocate. He is responsible for the management of the WordPress platform and keeping thousands of sites running fast and staying secure. He is also known to give the odd talk here and there and when he can blog and appear randomly on Youtube. Tims own site is timnash.co.uk and he writes about everything from security to home automation with a healthy dose of WordPress and humour.

- Tim Nash: WordPress Platform Lead at 34SP


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