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Windows Apps London (formerly Windows Phone User Group) exists to help UK based developers who are interested in Microsoft’s Windows & Windows Phone platforms learn from and with each other.

We hold monthly meetings in London (and occasionally elsewhere) where there are talks, demos and discussions. Plus swag, prizes, pizza, and drink!

Whether you’re new to phone/mobile development or have been doing it for years you’re most welcome to come to a meeting.

WinAppsLdn is an independent group and does not charge for membership or meeting attendance. We simply ask that you come willing to participate in discussion or share your knowledge and that you register if you’re planning on coming to a meeting.

We held our first meeting in July 2010 and have had meetings most months since. You can see details of past meetings at http://windowsapps.london/meetings/

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.NET MAUI (virtual) workshop

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With .NET MAUI now released, now feels like a good time to get some hands-on experience with it.
If you're interested in what .NET MAUI has to offer but haven't yet found the time or motivation to try it out yourself, consider this the prompt you've been waiting for.

We're going to work through the official workshop (https://github.com/dotnet-presentations/dotnet-maui-workshop) to gain personal experience in building a complete app.

This will be a remote event so you can do it from anywhere. However, by doing it all at the same time, there will be the opportunity to ask questions and get help from, others going through it with you.

You can work at your own speed and take breaks as needed.

Hopefully, this will be a precursor to future in-person events. If you think you might have a venue for something like this in the future, please get in touch.

If you're unable to join at the same time, you can, of course, do it whenever you wish. Or if you're simply curious to see it all in action, James has recorded a complete walkthrough at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuNLR_NJv8U
Alternatively, there's also a Microsoft Learn learning path to Build mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI that you could try instead.

Details of communication on the day will be provided to registered attendees. :)

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