Meet the Windows engineering team


Come and meet the Windows engineering team and ask your questions about the Fall Creators Update.

Hopefully, you watched the Windows Developer Day ( announcements and are excited for what's new in Windows 10 and UWP. If you want to know more, here's your chance to get your questions answered by the people responsible for the development platform.

--- original details below ---

The Windows Developer Day ( returns on October 10th and it’s being broadcast from London.

There isn’t room for us to attend the broadcast (I asked several times) but we are able to go one better.

On the next day (Wednesday 11th October) we’ll be joined by the members of the Windows engineering team who made the announcements for a special social, Q&A event. You’ll be able to ask them your questions about what was announced and anything to do with developing for the Fall (Autumn) Creators Update.

After the last developer day, we had a “viewing party” with a Q&A straight after the keynote and there was a lot of feedback that you would have preferred more time to reflect on the announcement before asking questions. Hopefully, 24 hours will be enough. There will also be the chance to ask any other questions of the team too.

As it's been a few months since our last meeting it'll also be an opportunity to catch up with some friendly faces.

Please register if you're coming as it really helps to know how many to expect.