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Hi writers!

Write Wellington has returned from its Covid hiatus, and we're looking forward to some good writing sessions and social events in 2021. We'll have a few different types of meeting:

Meet & WRITE - (X) hrs writing at (venue): these are silent writing sessions that happen weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly through the year, where we meet somewhere and work on our own projects in the busy company of other writers (it's good peer pressure!). You can stay for a chat afterwards or peel off home if you prefer. We don't share work or critiques at this meeting (so no judgement!), and anyone is welcome no matter what stage you're at. Check the calendar to see if there's a time and place that suits you! If not, look below at the section on becoming a host.

A few ground rules:
* Distractions must be kept to a minimum, so no mobile phones or talking. Just pretend you're in a library. Sssh! If you really have to be noisy then do it away from the group.
* This is not a critique group or a workshop with teachers/mentors or writing exercises. Bring your current project e.g. novel, short story, screenplay, poem, writing prompts etc.
* The show must go on! If the host is a no show then find other writers and get writing.
* When events are at a commercial venue (e.g. cafe or pub) buy something, anything, to make us welcome there. Think of it as a venue hire fee.

Write Wellington - Mix n Mingle: these are social events where we get together, trade stories and aspirations, and perhaps look for like-minded people for critique partners or current or fledgling writing groups.

Meet & WRITE popup - (X) hrs writing at (venue): these are silent writing sessions that 'popup' through the year in different venues and times. Keep a look out for them in the calendar.

Thanks to Russell and Kathryn for running this group for a very long time! I'm Sian, a former host of similar meetups in Sydney and London since 2012 - some of our words come from the London group I write YA (with occasional forays into middle grade and other things). Look forward to meeting you!

Becoming a host

Writers want to write as much as they can. Let's make it happen. If you're planning to have a writing session out and about and would like to write with other writers, consider becoming an event host. You get to choose the place and the time, and meet other interesting writers! Come to a few of our Meet & WRITE sessions to get a feel for how we run, then message/chat to Sian about your proposed writing session and she can make you an event host. You may want to run a popup first to see how it goes, or if you can't commit to weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. For more details, see our Becoming a Host page.

Happy writing!

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