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What we’re about

WEB Society, which stands for Writers Evoking Buzz. Founded in 2015 as a place where writers could meet and talk, the Web Society’ also welcomes publishers, editors, agents, journalists, academics and anyone professionally involved with literature. Web Society (Writers Evoking Buzz) shall foster professionalism in writing, promote networking of writers with the writing community, mentor new writers, and provide literary support for writers and the writing community as is appropriate through education and leadership. Our members are poets, journalists, essayists, technical writers, and creators of genre and literary fiction, as well as editors, booksellers, musicians, spoken-word artists, literary professionals and others involved in related fields, all joined together for the common goal of educating ourselves and the community on the craft of writing and the realities of getting your work published. Web Society seeks to expand the knowledge of members while highlighting Black literature and fostering engaging conversations on the literature and works for Black writers. As an author, you are invited to join to showcase and discuss your literary works. Web Society members also meet for monthly lunches, addressed by distinguished speakers from the world of books.