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What we’re about

Create Together started as Write Together - and focused solely on the written word - but has since expanded to also running separate meetups for visual artists, under the heading Art Together, too! The idea started in London (

) and the Sydney group inspired a spin-off in Osaka, Japan too! (

) You can learn more about the history of the group on this page. (


Being creative can be difficult and lonely. Sometimes we need to get out and away from our own distractions and excuses. Pubs, cafes and parks are nice but wouldn't it also be good to be part of a group of other writers and artists? So let's work quietly together, gently encouraging each other to soldier on, and minding each others things when we have to go to the loo! :)


It’s simple! We are a bunch of writers and artists that meet somewhere comfortable and work on our own projects. Each person works on their own work and sets their own targets. What you create is entirely up to you, but here is the difference: you are not alone. Others are around you, typing, scribbling or looking out into the distance. Their company will help you stay focused, stop you from drifting, and keep on creating!


• The primary rule is to not distract others from working on their work.

• Distractions are subjective and vary. Write Together events tend to be quieter as writing is harder if people are talking while Art Together tends to be a bit looser on the noise limits. The Host will keep things under control.

• People work on their own stuff and measure their own success - it’s not about critiquing or workshopping although we’ll often chat before and afterwards about how we’re going.

• The most important thing of all: have fun! :)


• …a critique group. Your work will not be reviewed.

• …a social group. People work in silence, although we socialise outside the sessions

• …a workshop or a place with teachers/mentors. People are busy with their own work.


• Write Together: pen and paper, computer or whatever you like using to write. It can be good to have something to work on, such as a novel, short story, screenplay, poem etc, but it’s not required - why not see where it takes you?

• Art Together: pens, pencils, paints, paper, graphics tablets - whatever you use to get arty! You can sketch people around you or work on existing projects!

Some venues will have power points, some will have Wi-fi, but it’s not guaranteed.


After the session time is up you are free to talk, socialise and share experiences with fellow creatives. Almost anything goes. Sometimes we go out for a drink. It is also perfectly acceptable to come just for the session and leave politely straight after, or arrive late or leave early. Your work always comes first!

MOTIVATIONAL RANT (in case you need it)

Creating something doesn't happen by itself. It's a constant battle against procrastination, distractions and "I'm too tired/busy/bored etc." Resist all this and commit to your passion. Attend our meetings as often as possible as the more you do the easier it gets and you in turn will get better. Just ask our members!


Creative people want to work as much as they can so let's make it happen! With such a simple idea, it should be possible for lots of hosts to run regular meetings all over the place. The more choices the better, right? Also, it’s super easy and then people turn up wherever suits you to keep you working. If you’re interested in hosting a Write Together or Art Together meetup in your area please read this page about becoming a host and get in touch! (


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