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What we’re about


We are trying to build a sustainable group of musicians and a gig community where we can have a reliable network of musicians to bank on. It would be lovely to meet with a few wonderful people like you and dive deeper into creating something unique. We can exchange ideas, contacts, and influences and kickstart beautiful projects together. Keeping ourselves inspired and motivated could often be challenging, and we wanted to lend a helping hand.

Who Should Join:

We are looking for instrumentalists, vocalists, music producers and musicians who want someone to collaborate with and share their energies.

What will you do at your events?

We will be looking to build a core team of people who are onboard with the idea. We will be looking for the participants to introduce themselves and what they do. We encourage you to be social and meet others. The idea is to socialise and extend your network, meet like-minded people and build a good rapport.