What we're about

WTM, founded by Google, aims to provide visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.

The initiative has grown to more than 81k members across the world, with chapters in several countries.

In past events, we’ve covered topics such as:
- Coding sessions
- Hands-on workshops
- Presentations by company representatives
- Company visits

Join us in our Copenhagen chapter, where you can find a safe space to expand your network, learn new skills, and geek out about the newest, most exciting tech – from AI to specific programming languages.

-- WTM Copenhagen Code of Conduct --

WTM Copenhagen is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all event participants. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind and expect all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes respect and inclusivity.
To ensure a positive experience for all, please abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Be respectful: Treat all participants with respect and dignity. Do not engage in any behavior that is demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing.
  2. Use appropriate language and behavior: Sexual language and imagery are not acceptable, including in presentations, workshops, and online communication.
  3. Avoid offensive or inappropriate materials: Do not share offensive or inappropriate material, including jokes, images, and videos.
  4. Report any harassment: If you witness or experience any form of harassment or discrimination, please report it immediately to the organizers.
  5. Take responsibility for your actions: You are responsible for your own actions and behavior at the event. Be mindful of the impact your words and actions may have on others.
  6. Follow the organizer's instructions: Follow the instructions of the event organizers at all times.

Consequences of violating the code of conduct:
Anyone found to be violating the code of conduct will face consequences, which may include expulsion from the event and future events. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to:

  • A verbal warning
  • Removal from the event
  • Revocation of access to future events
  • Involvement of venue security or local law enforcement

If you are being harassed, witness someone else being harassed, or have any other concerns related to the Code of Conduct, please contact one of the organizers.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a harassment-free experience for everyone at WTM Copenhagen.

Adapted from confcodeofconduct.com ( http://confcodeofconduct.com/ )

Upcoming events (1)

WTM Summer Party


Dear WTM friends,

To celebrate that Spring has finally arrived, we are planning a Summer Party!
Join us in Fælledparken for an afternoon of food and good conversation.
The plan is to have a Potluck dinner: that means, everyone brings a dish to share with other people– it can be your signature dish, a typical dish from your country, or your favourite picnic food.
WTM will provide some snacks and refreshments.
We'll eat, drink, talk and celebrate the start of the summer by hanging out together, playing some games and having a good time.

We're all familiar with the Nordic summer, so we will have a contingency plan in case of rain, and we'll announce it a couple of days before the event, if the weather turns on us. We will also share the exact location and meeting point in a couple of days, so keep an eye here.

RSVP below!
Sherry and Aurora

*Our sister meetup group, ngCopenhagen, sponsors the event!

Past events (18)

WTM Meet and Greet

Matrikel1 Bar & Café