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PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING! Mountain Mamas is a group of gay/lesbian women whose identified sex at birth is female, covering the Quad-State area (WV, MD, VA, PA) with diverse interests gathering together for fun, friendship and support. Our family has been together since 1990!

COVID Agreement: For the protection of our members, attendance to any in person M&M event is an implicit agreement to notify host and allow release of your name to attendees if you test positive for COVID within 3 weeks after attendance.
Please do not attend an in-person event if you have felt ill 2 weeks prior to scheduled event.

Pre-COVID, our annual calendar of events included:

> Camping, superbowl parties, concerts at the museum, hiking, football parties, picnics in a park, movies,    kayaking, potlucks, Pride events, theater, bicycling, card games, marches on Washington, book clubs,    board games, concerts at Shenandoah and Shepherdstown U., just to name a few!   

> If you request to join our group and you don't have a profile picture that shows your face, we will ask that you send one. You may also be requested to confirm your identity if your Meetup groups are hidden. This is for everyone's safety. 

We respect the fact there are birth sex, gender identity and sexual orientation variations and encourage those who fall outside our groups makeup to seek out other groups that would closer meet their needs. 

There are no fees to join, but we appreciate contributions to help cover cost of the Meetup sites annual fee ($198.00)! Until we can meet in person again (due to COVID), we now have a zoom account making virtual events possible.... cost/month of $16.00. Scroll down for more details on how to contribute.

M&M Online Zoom Etiquette:
Mountain Mamas strives to provide events for our members that are enjoyable and meaningful. 
In order to achieve this, it is vital that the group’s synergy is maintained.
We strive to ensure our members feel safe, supported, respected, and confident that sensitive personal information stays within the confines of the group. 

If a member is disruptive during an event and/or disrespectful to others, the member will be taken aside or contacted by an event coordinator to address the problem.

Examples may include, but are not limited to: Appearance of intoxication; negative change in behavior that is noticeable to others and draws attention away from the event; excessive talking and/or interrupting others; speaking in a loud or obnoxious manner; frequent vulgarity or profanity, inappropriate sexual remarks, making racist or other derogatory remarks; and engaging in intimidating or threatening behavior. 

If issue is resolved, member can return to event.
If it is not possible to resolve the problem:
- the individual may be muted and video turned off and/or will not be allowed to return to the event in progress.

Severe infractions or repeated occurrences of negative, disruptive behavior may result in revoking membership, at the discretion of the coordinators.

How To Contribute Financially:
Link to view M&M financial status in real time (via computer or tablet):

Contributions towards supporting our expenditures can be made by check or Paypal:  
Checks - make out to: Gisele Aoussat 216 Iris Mountain Lane, Berkeley Springs, WV. 25411  
OR online through Paypal @ gaoussat@yahoo.com
Contributions are recorded to the Mountain Mamas Meetup account.

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