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What we’re about

Angel Quest was set up through the inspiration from The Angelic Realms to offer Healing and support to those who choose a Spiritual option to help with the trials and tribulations in life.

Healing is proven to be a great help in destressing and repairing many aspects of the mental and emotional patterns that we have or those which we wish to change. It also helps the physical body to deal with conditions that can be painful and debilitating. No claim of cure can be made. However if we think of how we wash and care for our physical bodies everyday, then from an energetic perspective we should do the same and this is where Healing is a great start.

We are a group of Spiritual Healers who have been working together for many years. Some of our Healers have been working for 20 to 30 years others for a little less but still with much experience under their belt.

The physical centre where we offered Healing in Bushey for 8 years has closed, due to a re appropriation of the building by the County Council.

Our Healing is continuing to be offered at a Distance. We are at present offering Distant Healing on a Thursday evening from 7.30 till8.30pm.
We have 3 sessions 7.30 till 8, 8 till 8.30pm.
You are welcome to receive General Healing at 7.30pm or if you would like a more focussed session from our Healers then we will need to know a little of the reason why you have requested Healing, so please message us to let us know which you feel is more appropriate.
We also have a centre which is open in Bushey Hertfordshire for face to face Healing so please check out the listings for dates and times.

If you have not had Healing before or you have any questions, you are welcome to put them in your response through Meetup.

We do not have a set fee for our service, so we are grateful if you can offer an amount that you are able to afford. Our Healers give of their time however there are costs to running Angel Quest Healing which I am sure you can appreciate. If for whatever reason you are unable to offer a contribution at this time we do understand.

All our Healers are fully qualified and insured to offer this professional service during this challenging time and are happy to be able to do so.

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