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Great Spring with Healthy Gut
Namaste, With the end of winter, spring brings us all the range of weather from humid to dry, cold to hot. Ayurveda offers a detox to prevent the 'allergies' this season gives. Our gut is the gate to ALL nourishments, Body, Mind, and Soul. While the food we choose to eat affects our cell’s nourishment, so is our respond to stress, fear, anger or peace, affects our digestion. We will review the Ayurvedic Medicine suggestions for healthy gut and how to live without IBS, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, acid reflux, or colitis. Each of us is a unique individual. There are 5 elements in our environment and in each one of us. To create healthy life in mind, body & soul, Ayurveda guides us to daily practice each morning. We will learn: Dinacharya, pranayama, meditation and food choices to enjoy a healthy joyful summer. Look up what is your genetic constitution, Vata-Pitta-Kapha, as you take the dosha quiz on Cost: $15/class or buy 5 for a price of 4 - $60 Blessings Yael

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Hello and Welcome to my meetup group! I share Ayurvedic ancient healing knowledge in numerous workshops and presentations. I also offer Meditation/Pranayama classes. I look forward to crossing paths with you on your journey.

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