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We live in interesting times (actually an old Irish curse!). Tarot is a tool that can help us develop our humanity by reflecting it back to us.

The Twin Cities Tarot Collective is a peer group of readers of all levels of experiences and interests. Tarot love is the only requirement.

This monthly creative hands-on exploration of the Tarot as a divination tool, story telling device and/or creative strategy surfaces the meaning of each card's beyond the book definition. Trusting one's own sense of each card's message will build a strong organic language of one's own. Leave all books of definitions at home.

Besides this Meetup, there are 3 other ways to engage with TCTC to surface the magic and envisioning that our world could use! We have other events and opportunities to participate and learn tarot in a deeper way. Get on our mailing list by signing up at http://eepurl.com/cMkuAz (http://eepurl.com/cMkuAz)

1) The North Star Tarot Conference - Attending the North Star Tarot Conference is an experience where you will deepen your Tarot knowledge and wisdom, and meet others who will be your Tarot peers. We offer a variety of speakers, presentations and exercises to inform and nurture any tarot lover’s path. Our next annual tarot conference happens February 9-11, 2018. This year, our featured speaker is James Wells. Get your tickets at http://www.tctarotcollective.com (http://www.tctarotcollective.com/north-star/)

2) Tarot + Events - We offer paid and volunteer reading opportunities by TCTC members for Art festivals, gatherings, fundraisers and events. If you have an event or a fundraiser contact us at the address below. To get on our mailing list click here (http://eepurl.com/cMkuAz).

3) The Sandbox explores multimedia creations through the world of the imagery and philosophies of tarot and creative spirituality as education and entertainment.

Please contact us at tarot@tctarotcollective.com

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