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What we’re about

Welcome to Planet Earth and to my Meetup Group!

I'm Laura and one of my deepest desires is to help you awaken to your Divine Nature. I want you to remember that you are One with the Divine, with the power to heal yourself and others, and to have a beautiful and abundant life.

I want to support your journey here on Earth, on this Cosmic game, so that you remember why you are here and what are you here to do. I want to support your dreams and desires while on planet Earth. I want to show you how to be on planet Earth the Avatar way.

Teaching is and has always been my passion. As we go through this Shift in Consciousness, more people are awakening and asking the essential questions: 'what is my purpose' 'how can I help heal myself and others' 'how can I bring peace and harmony into my life and the life of others?

To all of you who are seeking to answer these questions and bring more meaning into your lives, I say: welcome, we need you. This is how we are healing the planet, one person at a time, by dropping the drama and by remembering who we really are! Join me for any of my classes.

For all the details (there are lots of details! :) and for information on my background, please visit my website at the

* Cosmic Prayer Group and Meditation: A weekly group of sending blessings to all Cosmic Beings. You can join in person OR thru teleconference. The regular weekly action of prayers for others and sending blessings will bring good not only to others but to the one praying. Nothing more powerful than this.

* Reiki Master/Teacher Certification Classes: As we go throught this shift in consciousness, there is a more urgent need for healers. Once you go through my classes, you will be ready to be Reiki Master, do Hypnosis and use Reflexology with your Reiki sessions, and have enough tools for your own evolution and expansion. These are a series of certification classes.

* How to Start Your Healing Practice: Most healers are very creative and right-brain and talented but don't necessarily know how to run a business. I have the background with more than 12 years in Information Technology Development management. I want to share how I successfully run my practice, so that you can do the same... so that we can help others!

* Welcome to Earth 101: (once a month on each third Thursday) I facilitate a class with a Spiritual approach, in different subjects, such as remembering your Purpose on Earth and how to live on Earth. I am in the process of writing a book and this class is based on it.

Also, I have created Self Hypnosis Reinforcement CDs and MP3s - digitally produced with the latest entrainment technologies, to help you reinforce positive behaviors.

Come join me as we remember our Divinity together!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or call me on my cell at 909-994-5701.

Love and blessings,

Laura Bonilla

Spiritual Coaching,

Hypnotherapy, &

Reiki Master/Teacher