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As Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, we discuss how it is to live outside of the JW religion, to learn and share.

Here a few guidelines to follow at the meetup, to make it enjoyable for everyone:

1) We are XJWs, happy as XJWs. We do not believe in the JW doctrine and do not intend on going back.

2) We have come to understand, to accept and to use to our advantage the ambiguity and uncertainty of not knowing the real "Truth".

3) We do not offer an alternative to the JW faith. We did not replace the strict JW doctrine with another one. If you adhere to any doctrine, please respect that we will not adhere to it.

4) If you are a practicing JW or still have doubts about the doctrine, this is not a place for you. We will not de-convert you. We respect your beliefs, but we do not want to have anything to do with them.

5) We are not a replacement for personal therapy or even group therapy.

6) Please treat others as you would like to be treated, please avoid arguing, interrupting, pushing strong beliefs, and using cell phones.

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