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I have no connection to the restaurant other than being a regular customer of the restaurant for many many years. Our people have said next year in Jerusalem for even more years. Why not have the next meetup at Jerusalem restaurant in Livingston, New Jersey Available easily from Port Authority in Manhattan at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue via the Community Bus number 77 to Livingston, New Jersey. The description of the restaurant from their website is below someone should choose a date and a time for this meetup. Jerusalem Restaurant 99 West Mount Pleasant Avenue Livingston, NJ 07039 Telephone: (973) 533 - 1424 Fax: (973) 533 - 9275 Hours Sunday - Thursday 11:00 AM until 9:00 PM Friday 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM n 1974, under the supervision of Rabbi Pinchas Teitz, New Jerseys first kosher pizza establishment was opened in Elizabeth. Now after 33 years of serving the public, Sarah and Arie Jashinksy have expanded their menu selections to provide to you extensive choices in fresh healthy and tasty meals. Recipes are made with no artificial ingredients and are sure to please. Please enjoy and Thank You for your Patronage.

Jerusalem Restaurant

99 W Mount Pleasant Ave · Livingston, NJ


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This meetup is for enjoying and relearning this fun, expressive language at all our various levels and dialects. Chat about books, music, movies, theater, culture, travel, about Yiddish and yiddishkeit as we experienced it or not. Those who know help those who don't - yet. Ayb du vilst red'n Yiddish, kum tsu unzerer Meetup, und du velst zeyn tsufridden! Come to speak it, hear it, and enjoy yourself.

Kosher locales. Manhattan for convenience.

Zolst zay'n mit glick!

Coming soon! (after Labor Day) Announcement of next meetup location and date, and pics from Madras Mahal!

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