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This is a group for people who are interested in hiking (and other outdoor activities (and also burgers and beer)) as a way to get exercise, explore the city, and meet other outdoor enthusiasts.

I've recently fallen in love with hiking, so beginners and experienced hikers are welcome. I would love to have other hikers who know the area to join and help lead hikes. We're looking to add hikes of multiple difficulties and speeds.

Most hikes will be from 2 to 3 hours, and we will post the speed and difficulty for each hike.

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Sugarcreek After Dark. Headlamp Hike.

Sugarcreek MetroPark

These hikes will last until after sunset so I would recommend bringing a headlamp or other light source. Planning on doing the green loop twice (~6.5 miles). May do a smaller length hike as the will of those that attend dictate. Will try to do these most weeks through the fall and this is replacing the Tuesday evening hike.

Social distancing, social distancing, social distancing. Let's take it seriously so that we can stay healthy and our parks can stay open. If you are coughing for any reason, please do not come. Sorry not sorry. I hike in all weather.

23rd Service VOLUNTEER@ Homeless Shelter - NO SERVING FOOD

Location visible to members

We will cook the food and take it to shelter but NO SERVING because of COVID 19 concerns************

We will be cooking a meal for 25 residents of Hope House Mission Women & children shelter. For anyone signing up, you would be volunteering by COOKING / BUYING YOUR DISH at home and then take it to shelter for them to serve it. Unfortunately hunger does not take a holiday because of a pandemic scare. Infact the need is greater.


Good community involvement and service to your fellow human.

Backpacking Swift Camp Creek Trail - RRG

Red River Gorge Geological Area

NOTE: The date is subject to change due to weather/other things and should be considered only as a place holder date at this point. The date will become more solid as we get closer to April. Final date will be in April through mid May. The early posting of this is so people can start to gather any equipment they may need for this trip.

Some time this spring I will be doing a backpacking trip along the Swift Camp Creek Trail in the Clifty Wilderness near the Red River Gorge area. This is a very nice, low-traffic trail that will be an out and back trip (total of ~16 miles). This is also one of the roughest trails in the area and is very rooty, rocky, and steep in sections with a few water crossings and I would rate this trail as strenuous.

I am NOT going to be organizing carpools, I will leave that to those who are interested in coming along to figure out how they are getting down to the Gorge. You will be responsible for your own travel to/from the Gorge. If you are willing to drive, feel free to post below that you are planning to drive and can take passengers. If you want to carpool with one of the drivers, get in contact with them. Once at the Gorge, STAY WITH YOUR DRIVER to make sure you have a way back to Dayton. Each car should strive to be completely self sufficient in case they decide to veer off on their own or we have to camp at more than one site because of a large group.

If you are interested, you will need to acquire or borrow the following pieces of gear (some of these items can be shared between people):

Gear you will need:
Backpack (40+ liter pack depending on how much stuff you bring)
Shelter (tent/hammock/tarp/etc.)
Sleeping Bag (Temp rating should be at least 10 degrees cooler than expected temperatures)
Sleeping Pad
Rain Gear
Good shoes
Water Filter/purification
Hand Sanitizer
Toiletries (toothbrush, TP+trowel, wet wipes, etc.)
Navigation (Map/GPS/etc.)
Basic first aid stuff
Fire source (lighter/matches/etc)
Backpacking permit (one per vehicle, sold at gas stations in area)

Trekking poles
Camp Shoes/Sandals
Sit pad/chair
Extra batteries for light source
Pocket Knife
Clothes for sleeping/extra socks

The drive down to the Gorge is ~3 hours so carpooling would be a good idea. Cell coverage is spotty in the Gorge so it would be in the best interest of each vehicle to be self sufficient in case people get separated. Also keep in mind that you will be carrying everything you bring all day so the more stuff you bring, the heavier your pack will be (you probably do not want to be hauling 50 lbs of stuff). Black bears are present in the Gorge (though rare) so knowledge of how to properly store food (i.e. bear bag) is necessary.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Note: If it's supposed to rain all weekend this will get moved to a different weekend.

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Caesar Creek Gorge Exploration hike

Caesar Creek Gorge State Nature Preserve

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