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What we’re about

Are you thinking about practicing yoga for the first time or after a long absence?

Do you wish to join a yoga class but a voice inside says, “I’m too . . . . . to think I can do yoga.”

This meetup group focuses on offering classes to:
* beginners of all ages
* people who sit all day
* people who think their current flexibility, age, gender, physical condition, trauma history, etc. disqualifies them from yoga
* people who think too much, work too much, or do anything else too much!
* people who have tried to meditate and found it damn near impossible!
* people who shy away from yoga because they mistakenly believe it involves twisting the body into a pretzel.

The yogi/sage Pantanjali who literally wrote the book on yoga, “The Yoga Sutras” in India over 2,000 years ago says in his very second sentence:
“The still-ing of the mind is yoga.” [1:2]
“Asana (the Sanskrit word for yoga pose) is a steady, comfortable posture that delights.” [2:46]

In fact, the simple cross-legged pose that we might do if we sit on our living room floor is called Sukhasana -- literally, “happy pose”.
So yoga is a practice that cultivates joy, concentration, mindfulness, body awareness, flexibility, health and serenity. Simply put, yoga is fun. It is not a sequence of masochistic exercises.

This does not mean we practice yoga half-heartedly. Quite the contrary. We bring body, breath, mental focus and magnanimous spirit to every asana. We are fully present . . . but without strain, tension, self-judgment or perfectionism.

Each class includes breath-work, postures, relaxation, meditation, and yogic wisdom. Modifications and enhancements to postures are suggested to accommodate individual needs. Beginners are encouraged to take their time and adapt slowly to the postures, resting as they deem appropriate for their bodies. Props such as blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets are available in studio both to assist and enhance yoga postures.

Come and enjoy an extraordinary personal experience of yoga in community. Join us on the mat where we will honor and empower your journey of personal growth, healing and well-being. You are worthy. Your body is a temple. The only time we have is now.

My name is Frank. I am a certified 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. I am experienced in working with men who have survived trauma and are thriving. I am a recovering workaholic / aka Type A personality. Through the blessings of yoga I have a personal practice that integrates health of my body with peace of mind and deepens my connection to That which Is. I am honored to share yoga with you. Namaste!

We practice in an air conditioned, newly carpeted yoga studio that exudes peace, in the heart of West Harford with plenty of free parking in the lot in front of our building.

Per Meetup guidelines, attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.

We offer discounted class card packs including 3-, 5- and Unlimited monthly classes. To purchase a class card pack, please go to:
and click "Packs."
Please rsvp on both ubindi and the meetup event page for the class you will attend.

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