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What we’re about

About Young At Heart Singles

We are a lively, active Tampa-based social group for singles age 40 and up. We get together for fun and friendship with a variety of indoor and outdoor events. This is not a dating club. We organize a lot of theater at the straz and ruth Eckerd hall, dinners, happy hours, dancing, movies, , picnics, ,  to name a few activities. 

I am the only organizer arranging events right now, but if you want to host something, please let me know and I will make you an event host.  I am very passionate about theater and concerts, but I try to do 2 dinners a month and try to organize other stuff. 

Members are encouraged to suggest ideas and places for new meet ups.  I also send out a lot of emails to keep your informed, some times they can be for tickets I have for sale, I send out last calls and I try to keep you informed while also my emails can be personal, sarcastic, and mostly informative. 

 If you do not want to receive these emails you can opt out and still be a member of the group. You can also just skip them or delete them.  God knows I get hundreds of Amazon emails, but I don't read every one of them and I love Amazon. 

  I have people that do not like my theater events, but read my emails for entertainment purposes.  Bur if you opt out, you will probably not be informed and won't know what is going on. It would be up to you to at least visit once a week, as depending on the event or show, they can fill up right away.  If you can't figure out how to opt out shoot me an email at and I can shut that feature off for you, 

Membership Requirements

· 40 and up.

· To join, post a recognizable photo of yourself, answer the profile questions and agree to the policies.

· Follow Policies.

Event Locations

The events are primarily in the Tampa area. Members who live farther away can offer to plan and host an event in their area where they are familiar with the opportunities. The organizers will help set it up.


I am probably one of the few organizers who does not charge annual dues.  I make it voluntarily.  Sometimes people give me 5.00 or so at a time, but I do not bug people at every event for any kind of money.  The only money I collect is when it is time to pay for a show.  I have had a relationship with the group sales department for Ruth Eckerd Hall and The Straz for several years and I treasure those relationships.  It is my passion and some people think I go over the top.


RSVP Policy: Please respond to a meetup initially only if you are responding YES. (Not necessary to respond NO.) However, please change your YES RSVP to a NO as soon as you find you cannot attend an event after all. This will help organizers plan for seating, managing wait lists, etc.

Appropriate Conduct Policy: All members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately within the positive, friendly spirit of the group - to members and staff at events or online. Pay your checks and tip staff fairly, etc. Events are not to be used for personal gain or advertising.

To remain an active member, please attend an event within 60 days of joining.

Helpful hints and thoughts to consider:

· The best time to mingle and meet many people at a dinner event is during the happy hour. Once you are seated for dinner, you will only be able to visit with the people seated closest to you. But feel free to move around and visit other tables once you’re done with your meal.

· Our dinner events are well attended and when there is so much lively conversation among so many lively, interesting people, it gets very noisy. If you are hoping for quiet conversations in subdued settings, watch for one of the smaller event opportunities.

· Consider suggesting ideas for meetups related to your own interests or hobbies. Whether it’s brunch, bowling, a concert, or a hike, new friends with similar interests are just waiting to join you.

· Positive feedback and good ideas are welcome and should be offered in the positive, friendly spirit of this group and with consideration for the volunteers who give their own time and energy to create fun for all of us. Negative comment is not useful or tolerated.