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Tell Your Yank Friends! U.S Citizens Register To Vote N Socialize! Cheap Drinks!
EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN US AND SAY CHEERS! To Trump or not to Trump! The U.S mid term elections to congress are coming up this November and your vote could determine if Donald Trump can continue his policies with a Republican majority in congress or it the democrats get a majority instead and make it hard for Trumps last two years as president. It is up to you the U.S voters but to vote you must be sure to register and your ballot will be sent here so you can vote. better to register as soon as possible to be sure! Since there are 50 states there are 50 different voter registration rules but the U.S voter registration experts who will be there to get you registered know the different rules and will help you and mail in your registration for you! THIS IS A NON PARTISAN U:S VOTER REGISTRATION EVENT! WE WILL REGISTER EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO VOTE IN THE MID TERM ELECTIONS! The Other great thing about registering at this event is you can drink a beer or whatever for a low price and socialize with other Yanks and friends. feel free to bring your friends along to this event the more the merrier! ALL NON AMERICANS PLEASE TELL YOUR AMERICAN FRIENDS TO SHOW UP AT THIS EVENT TO REGISTER TO VOTE! EVERY VOTE COUNTS! SINCE THIS EVENT IS ON A FRIDAY EVENING IT CAN TURN OUT FUN. EVEN THOUGH THE VENUE IS CALLED STUDENTER HUSET EVERYONE IN WELCOME! SEE YOU ALL ON JUNE 1!


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WELCOME to the Copenhagen Young Internationals Meetup Group!

This group's aim is to meet and have fun with other people from around the world living in Copenhagen. Make new friends and explore a foreign city and its surrounds!

From a quiet museum visit with 5 or 6 friends, up to parties with 50, 60, 70 people but for even more events with people of all ages and backrounds please feel free to join this group

check out our calender and the calender on the above posted link see which Meetup events are nearby. Membership to the Young Internationals Meetup group is absolutely free, and you choose yourself, which Meetup events you want to participate in.

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