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What we’re about

This group is for us fun-loving millennial socialites who want to experience Vancouver the way millennials want to.

For those adventure seekers, we will be rock-climbing, sword-fighting, go-karting, laser-tagging, etc.

For those looking for quality experiences and hidden-gems around Vancouver, we will be trying out different restaurants, theatres, spas, shopping districts, bars etc.

Please note the Age Range on this group is 19+ to mid 30s and a profile picture of YOU is required on this group! It must be relatively recent. It can't be a picture of you from 9 years ago or something creepy like that. (lol honestly though. What is up with this site and super old pics?!)

Want to do something? Message us or post in the discussion boards! We are listening and we will make it happen! We exist to serve our members and deliver value.

If you are business or trying to promote your product, please contact the main Organizer (and only the main one). Posting an event or trying to get anyone other than the main organizer to post one for business reasons without the organizer's approval is not allowed, due to spam issues. :)

Multi-level/network/referral marketers, fake investment brokers and pyramid scammers, please keep your miracle products and incredible life insurance brochures at home.


- This is not an ESL group. If you cannot keep up with, understand or are still learning English, then this group is not for you. Fluent English, only.

- Young Vancouver Social exercises ROAR (Right Of Admission Refusal). If you do not read full event descriptions or do not have an RSVP or ticket when it is required by the event, there is a chance you may be asked to leave.

Thanks for joining the party! 🎉😉

Cheers <br>