What we're about

Heyo! This is a Meetup for young working professionals to connect on a variety of activities and interest. Those who work 9-5 know how valuable the rest of a day's time can be (and how busy lives can get) so it is my hopes that this Meetup can provide some constructive outlets for those around the same age bracket (20 somethings, millennials, etc.) and grow professional and social circles. Below are a few examples, though input from members will definitely be considered as well.

* Volunteering opportunities in the greater Grand Rapids area.
* Shared professional development experiences (certifications, short courses, etc.)
* Casual sporting events such as frisbee, volleyball, Griffins hockey games, etc.
* Hangout at a local brewery or restaurant in the greater Grand Rapids area.
* Video game / board game nights (board games of all varieties).
* Cooking nights at a designated location (sushi, authentic tacos, casual meals, etc.)
* Expanding networks and social circles via shared values, careers, etc.

My hopes are that this can be a great outlet for working young professionals (and any others who might be invested in the social / professional growth of young professionals) to connect on hobbies, community and any other shared interest amongst members of this inclusive Meetup. I created this Meetup based on three guiding principles:

1) Connecting with individuals and sharing experiences via X is a great method of continual learning.

2) Fun, constructives and entertaining activities make for awesome memories--and awesome memories makes for a fulfilling, happy life.

3) The greatest and most valuable gift someone can give is their time, thus anyone constructively active in this Meetup is instantly showing dedication to their peers and causes.

Past events (27)

Business Card Roulette 📇

Buffalo Wild Wings

46th Annual Eastown Streetfair

East West Brewing Company

🎼 Breakaway Music Festival 🎼

Belknap Park

🎼 Live Jazz @ Mixology 🍸

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