• Turkey,Saudi Arabia and United States; the aftermath of a journalist’s killing
    MENA program in YPIA invites you to a discussion event, the recent political agendas impacted by the Saudi Arabia journalist's killing. More than one month after Khashoggi's murder In Istanbul, many political roles have been played between the triangle of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and United states. So what does Turkey hope to get out of this? The undermining of Saudi Crown, an end to the Riyadh-led blockade of Qatar, or Islamic unity under the leadership of Turkey... In United States, a bipartisan group of US senators introduced legislation seeking to punish Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi's murder and the kingdom's role in the devastating war in Yemen. Even recently it has been heard whether White House is going to find a way to remove Fethullah Gulen, a former ally-turned-foe of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The crisis has certainly thrown a wrench into Trump’s Middle East policy, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen and Israel. Please join us and bring your recent dilemmas or anticipations for an exciting discussion.

    Cleveland Park Library

    3310 Connecticut Ave NW · Washington, DC

  • WorldQuest Pub Trivia with World Affairs Council
    Trivia-time is coming again soon! Last time a YPIA team won gift cards to Target! It's $10 for a team of 4.

    Lucky Bar

    1221 Connecticut NW · Washington, DC

  • YPIA Holiday Party at the Embassy of Cote d'Ivoire
    Join us for a very merry YPIA Holiday Party on December 6th at the Embassy of Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Dance, Drink and Enjoy authentic Ivorian Food as you hear about this business powerhouse in West Africa and mingle with young professionals and seasoned international affairs experts from around the city. Tickets are discounted only until November 8 so buying early will save you money. Current Dues Paid YPIA Members - $35 Non-members - $45 (Until November 8th) Low cost tickets are limited and you need to pay here to secure your ticket. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ypia-holiday-party-at-the-embassy-of-cote-divoire-tickets-51947194457 Paid YPIA Members can contact [masked] for discounted tickets

    Cote D'Ivoire Embassy

    2424 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest · Washington

  • Argentina in Economic Crisis Again: IMF, Friend or Foe?
    Argentina is dealing with yet another economic crisis that could cause the second-largest economy in South America to default, and the future doesn’t look any brighter… Last September, President Mauricio Macri requested an early release of the biggest loan ever granted from the IMF in order to reactivate the economy; a very unpopular move among the Argentinian public who hold the international organization in a negative light, blaming it for the 2001 economic crisis that led many middle-class citizens into poverty. In the past several months, in a series of unfortunate events, the overvalued Argentinian peso has dropped to over 50% against the US Dollar (making their large debts even larger), interest rates have risen to 60% (the largest in the world), and inflation is expected to reach 45% by the end of the year. The budget for the year 2019 is being discussed in the Argentinian congress. It is an austere budget that anticipates a strong recession for this year and a moderate one for the next with more inflation and devaluation of the Argentine peso; worrying facts, not only for citizens, but also for the government coalition as 2019 is a Presidential elections year. Will the coalition be able to get the re-election? What will happen to the Argentinian economy in near future? Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

    Malbec Restaurant

    1633 17th St NW · Washington, DC

  • Europe Book Club: Making Peace by George Mitchell
    It has been over 20 years since the Good Friday Agreement, a Treaty that ended the violence in Northern Ireland. The process to get to that agreement was anything but smooth, however. Debates, disagreements, shouting, and walk-outs were common occurrences during the negotiations. One person who had a front-row seat to these proceedings was US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland and former President of the US Senate Senator George Mitchell. Mitchell's book Making Peace is his memoirs of that period in history, telling both the story of the negotiation process and his part in it, but also his own personal history during the period. With Brexit complicating the status of Northern Ireland, what does the future hold twenty years after this important agreement? Join us to discuss this question as well as Senator Mitchell's book.

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