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This group will promote physical activity, health, outdoor adventure, trips, but also eating, drinking, socializing, bar meetups etc. with a workout and reward mentality. There will also be some dog friendly activities.

Anyone can join and do any activates. You can do the physical activities only, or just eat, drink and socialize only, or both. We do not require a membership fee, but will fundraise and take any donations instead to pay for expenses. We will support and sometimes join other meetup groups with similar activities.

Some of the potential activities are hiking, kayaking, bonfires, beer fests, wine tastings, happy hours, BBQs, road trips, gym meetups, walking, running, biking and dog play dates or walks.

Upcoming events (4+)

Euchre, Fun, Friends & Brews!

Needs a location

Let's have some euchre fun! (If your table wants to play something else, that's fine, too!)

We'll meet in the bar of Super Bowl in Canton. Very informal! This is NOT a tournament. It is just people getting together to socialize and have fun!

No cost to attend, but you're on your own for food/drinks.

Bring your friends and make new friends there.

This event is being posted in multiple meetup groups. I am also going to post it in some of my facebook singles groups, so who knows how many people we'll have! Please only RSVP in one group.

Time for a detox - Day of Spirit Lodge

Needs a location

Maybe a few of you might need a little detoxing? I am not judging, I am just making an observation. :) Anyway, if you have never done a sweat lodge and would like to try one, email me at: [masked]

We are having one within 60 miles of Detroit/Ann Arbor area......for my birthday month! This is a private event, so do not RSVP here, email me instead... if you are interested.

There are 2 sweat lodges occurring this day:

1. those who identify as she/her/hers will enter around 11am

2. those who identify as he/him/his will enter after the first group is out, around 1pm

What is a sweatlodge?
The Sweatlodge is a small, round, closed structure. Red hot rocks are placed in a center pit and medicinal herbs are added. Water is poured on the rocks which produce a steam that purifies and heals. The symbolism of the steam and the structure of the sweat lodge represent the womb, life’s starting place. It has developed in the form of a ceremony, working respectfully with the essential elements (water, fire, air and earth) to create a powerful purification on all levels. It provides the possibility of expansion that allows us to directly connect with the Great Spirit. Silence, prayer and tribal music support the journey.

To the Native Americans the Sweatlodge symbolized the womb of Grandmother Earth and the heated stones represented her body, which supports all life. The fire used to heat the rocks represented the light of the world, and the source of all life and power.

The leader opens the Sweatlodge ceremony with words of intention, drum beats and songs, pouring water over the rocks. Each participant can offer personal prayers for self, others, in gratitude or for releasing all sorts of pains.

A Sweatlodge typically lasts four “doors” or rounds, to the four directions, represented with colors, spirit guides and different elements


Between rounds, more hot stones are brought in and the heat is built gradually until it reaches a certain peak.

At the end of the Sweatlodge, participants leave the lodge in a respectful manner.

🚗 Demolition Derby at the Chelsea Community Fair 🎪

Needs a location

Get ready for fun, Fun, FUN! The Chelsea Community Fair hosts the always entertaining annual Demolition Derby. There are several heats scheduled including the main feature where the last driver still operational is awarded the victory!

We'll meet at the Ferris wheel at 6:00pm. I strongly suggest bringing a blanket and/or seat cushions. I also recommend that you wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes to this event. We will reserve our space in the stands of the main arena. Seat holding is allowed at this event. Next, we can grab a bite (or two) for dinner and walk around the fairgrounds before the event starts. I recommend the funnel cake for dessert!

Admissions are $10 for adults and free for children 10 and under. Hand stamps are available for re-entry. Parking is free next to the grounds. Additional information about admissions and parking is found here. There are real bathrooms on site. You may also want to bring ear plugs, protection, etc. especially if you plan to bring little ones to this event. It can get quite loud for some.

Camping with friends (old or new!)

Needs a location

Explore the area, enjoy the campground, or socialize with others during the day, then join me at my site for a group bonfire at night! (Please bring/buy firewood to contribute.)

Book your site now for one night or all ten! I'll be at Sugarloaf Lake Campground (part of Waterloo Rec Area) the whole time. I'm on site S56, which is right by the beach and playground, and not far from the boat launch or bathhouse.


Bring whatever you're going to need for you and your family/friends.

In the past, multiple people (in tents) have shared a site. That's on you.

Once you've made your reservation, please RSVP here with what site you're on, which dates you'll be there, what kind of equipment you have (tent, trailer, motorhome, etc) and if you're willing to share your site with others.

This event is posted in multiple groups. Please only RSVP in one.


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Hike Kayak an Brews in Kentucky Pictures

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