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What we’re about

Go back to the source. When you do, you'll find even the most illusive truth.

Who or what is the source? <br>God? The Universe? The centre of your faith? <br>If you talk about the inexplicable wonders and unfathomable resource of everything around and within you - then YES. The source is the Universe or whoever is the centre of your faith.

But if you talk about life, then it is whoever possesses and is blessed with that life. Hence, if we talk about YOUR LIFE, who is the source? Then it is YOU. YOU are the source!

Getting to know yourself - all that is you - is the only way to have a strong bond with and connection to yourself. This strong connection manifests in better decisions, choices, plans, achievements, self- confidence, self-worth and well being. All these are the manifestations of a grounded, honest and courageous kind of self-awareness. Your self-awareness gives life to a robust, reliable and practical INTUITION that you can call upon everytime.

Your unique kind of intuition is key to you - thriving in life!

Do you want to know the whys, hows, whats, wheres and whos - and learn to use effective tools that can help you in your quest for self- awareness?

Then you've found the right place!

Welcome to Zammtopia School of Thought!