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What we’re about

Are you a developer or decentralization enthusiast who wants to learn and build web3 protocols and apps? Zeeve web3 academy brings this group to discuss, learn and build web3 dApps.


Hello Decentralized World! We are hosting meet-ups remotely and offline as well.

Our objective is to nurture a developer community where decentralization enthusiasts can learn, grow and also reach out to other professionals and experts in the development of decentralization application making space. We are here to set up a collaborative environment where all developers from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in the knowledge building and sharing platform.  The developer community can receive complete support from us in gaining deeper insights into the web 3 world and in building the decentralized web 3.0 protocols.

Our meet-ups would also help developers to stay updated with the latest trends in the web 3. 0 world and the incredible innovations in this space. Developers participating on our dynamic platform can also receive valuable inputs, get updated information on cool projects, and garner some cool coding tips. It is a great chance for developers to expand their network and widen their knowledge-base with also a chance to tap into exciting opportunities.

Blockchain Technology is as important to society as double-entry bookkeeping and public company. It will help people scale their collaborative efforts and discover new methods of running and doing business. We wish to assist you on your journey in the future.

We're excited about expanding our Blockchain Developer Community and strengthening them with a knowledge-sharing platform.

Helping to set up a Decentralized World to let it scale permissionless human collaboration.