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We meet regularly across Los Angeles including Pasadena, North Hollywood, and West Los Angeles (UCLA). We have a giant festival every year in DTLA as part of meetup.com/zen-07.

Our main practice sessions and Dharma talks are held weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 pm in Pasadena at Neighborhood Church in Room 23.

Explore Buddhist meditation, learn, talk, share, enjoy vegan snacks, and apply ancient teachings to our modern American lives with readings, inspirational teachings, checking in, discussion, and sharing experience.

We teach three basic forms of meditation: serenity (absorption), mindful movement, and boundless loving-kindness. Free, supported completely by donations and volunteers.

Upcoming events (5+)

Metta (Loving-Kindness) in Practice

Ahiah Center For Spiritual Living Pasadena

This week we have a special guest and we explore the divine quality of boundless loving-kindness the Buddha taught. It heals and protects self, loved ones, strangers, difficult people, and the world. Meditation includes a reading and discussion. Vegan refreshments served.

Tibetan meditation and Sunday service

Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles - Eagle Rock

Shambhala Meditation, the tradition of Pema Chodron, has moved beyond gurus Sakyong Mipham and Chogyam Trungpa. The Los Angeles Center's Sunday morning includes tranquility then a gong signals mindful walking meditation. At 11:00 we read from Gaylon Ferguson's book "Natural Bravery," converse, laugh, and drink tea. Great for beginners/intermediate. Instruction available. Dress comfortably to sit on soft cushions, sturdy cotton-blocks, and padded mats. Drop in for part or all anytime between 9:00-11:00 AM or come just for the reading at 11:00. FREE/by donation.

Los Angeles [Mushroom] Society meeting

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM)

Fun with a Fun Guy: "Best of Mushroaming" with Daniel Winkler. This presentation features stunning mushroom images and stories from ten years of “mush-roaming,” a term Winker coined for his mushroom-themed eco-adventures exploring fungi in exotic locations. When traveling in rugged parts of Himalayan Buddhist Asia (Tibet and Bhutan), his native Alps, tropical South America (Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Suriname), and wild North America (USA), Winkler remains on the hunt for gorgeous edibles, potent medicinals, and all kinds of bizarre and colorful fungi from minute to massive fruitings. His favorite haunts are rainforests, other forests, tropical and temperate, and alpine environments. His favorite fungi (besides edibles) are strange cordyceps, which triggered his curiosity in medicinal mushrooms 20 years ago in Buddhist Tibet. Recently this interest matured into a new FIELD GUIDE: “Medicinal Mushrooms of North America” published in cooperation with Robert Rogers. Free event. More information about LAMS events is available on the Calendar (http://www.lamushrooms.org/calendar.html) page. Directions to the Natural History Museum (http://www.lamushrooms.org/directions.html). https://www.meetup.com/LA-Mycological-Society-putting-the-fun-in-fungi/events/265052916/

The Way of Zen and Humor

Ahiah Center For Spiritual Living Pasadena

What is the way of Zen? It is having no heroes and no teachers, no authorities and no goal. It is the art of just being. We are human beings, after all, not human-doings. Spiritual Entertainer/Western Zen Master Alan Watts pointed out the unexpected, just as the great old storytellers pointed out the Way, the Tao. What if we were to say to our monkey mind, "Circle...O, Zen empty spot, there is nothing you are and nothing you are not." For all there is in the end is suchness. Japanese vegan refreshments served. Free/by donation.

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