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We meet regularly across Los Angeles including the foothills, the Valley, and WLA (UCLA). We have a big festival every year at the State Park in DTLA (meetup.com/zen-07.)

Our main practice sessions and Dharma talks are held weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 pm in Pasadena at the Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living, 150 N. El Molino Ave. near Colorado Blvd.

Explore Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practices, yoga, and other spiritual traditions. Learn, share, enjoy vegan snacks, and apply ancient methods to go with the flow of our modern American lives. We are all about group readings, inspirational talks, group sharing, mindful hugs, yoga poses and ecstatic breathing, discussions, and kind eating.

We cover three basic meditations during Thursday sessions: serenity for stages of absorption (samadhi), mindful movement for insight (vipassana), and boundless loving-kindness (metta) to break down the barriers. Free, supported completely by donations and volunteers. Get more involved.

Upcoming events (4+)

Live Silent Group Meditation (SRF Glendale Temple)

Self Realization Fellowship

Silent Group Meditation (glendaletemple.org) is for new meditators and those who have tried to meditate for years. Find peace and serenity in silence, punctuated by live harmonium and cosmic chants.

Meditating together helps each participant by the power of united effort. FREE. Fifty or more attend each time, seated in a heavenly hall with startling stained glass windows and excellent air conditioning. (Bring a wrap). Side room and atrium also available for more seclusion.

Free gated parking. Come 15 minutes early for warm up Energization Exercises in parking lot.

Nestled below the lovely Glendale hills, the temple is a branch of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), an international nonprofit society founded by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi.

Every one of any tradition is invited to attend to practice India’s age-old meditation and yoga philosophy. While some practice devotion (bhakti), we seek mindfulness (sati) and stillness (samadhi), wisdom (prajna) and awakening (bodhi).

Please maintain silence. To ask about meditation instructions, advice, or ANY question or concern, message the organizers Seven and Jen using the Meetup Messenger function. Or return on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am for a 45 min. meditation and lecture at 11:00 am by an SRF monastic. Many docents will be glad to talk to you then.

Mushroom Hunt and Wild Food Walk, Pasadena


Mushroom hunt, wild plant foraging, nature walk and MUSHROOM CONTACT MEDITATION led by student of author and survivalist Christopher Nyerges in the Arroyo watershed area (near JPL) of the Hahamongna Watershed Park and dam area: $20

We’ll venture into the watershed area through weeping willows and derelict waterways to see the greening flora of a California winter. We're exploring the spiritual dimension of mushrooms and mycology.

We're in search of MUSHROOMS, WILD FOODS, and the unique RIPARIAN PLANTS of Tongavaar (as the Native American Tongva/Kizh called this area) now called "Los Angeles."

During this mushroom hunt and nature walk, we’ll learn about the unique waterside things that grow, and the many uses of what we’ll see. We’ll see oaks, alders, sages, mulefat, mugwort, horehound, willow, nettles, and so on.

There are many other riparian plants, which we may or may not see, depending on conditions. We are sure to see many wild edibles that sprout at this time of year when it’s wet. And we should see a half dozen or so varieties of mushrooms sprouting chaotic from their beds.

Cooking/preparation tips of the edibles we find will be discussed. (Not all beautiful things are edible). There are always lots of surprises in store on these walks.

Bring water, and dress comfortably. Those who enjoy this walk may also be interested in the Ethnobotany Certificate awarded by the School of Self-Reliance.

Group Meditation and Yoga Breathwork w/ Stella (Kinship Studios)

Yogini Stella Han leads meditation and yogic breathwork on Saturdays. She includes divination deck, ceremony, kirtan, and discussion.

Meditation is a practice where individuals use mindfulness techniques (presence of mind, staying in the moment, full awareness and acceptance of what is) to focus the mind on objects, thoughts, or activity to help cultivate attention, expanded consciousness, and heightened awareness.

This is done in an effort to enjoy mental clarity, decrease stress and worry, and return to balance. It is the higher training of the mind following the higher training in ethical conduct and stillness. (COST: $25).


ABOUT: Stella Han ([masked]) is a passionate full-time yoga instructor and former social worker from Los Angeles who earned a master's degree in social work degree from USC.

MORE: Wisdom Quarterly: American Buddhist Journal: Group Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga

Group Tibetan Meditation, Shambhala Center of Los Angeles (ONLINE)

Needs a location

Meditate with the Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles on Sunday mornings. All are welcome.

Join us on Sunday mornings online via Zoom for meditation and contemplation practice, followed by facilitated small group reflection circles and discussion.

A short period of guided meditation instruction begins each session at 9:00 am, and a meditation instructor is available for a one-on-one meeting if you have questions.

Join in anytime and stay as long as you like. No previous meditation or contemplation practice is required. Open to all.

Basic Format:

  • 9:00 am Morning chants (in English) followed by Guided Meditation Instruction
  • 9:20 Sitting and Walking Meditation
  • 10:15 Contemplation practice with instruction
  • 10:50 Reflection Circles with Discussion*
  • 11:45 Closing Chant and Announcements
  • *On the third Sunday of each month, a Dharma talk replaces Contemplation Practice

Please be sure to register in advance (https://la.shambhala.org/program-details/?id=604353) to receive the Zoom link (for example, Sunday Morning Meditation [Online] - Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles but for the current date).

Past events (1,166)

Live meditation and talk (Ananda Ashram, Glendale)

Ananda Ashrama Community